News to know: IDF; Office 14; Google; Flash flaw; MobileMe; Zoho

Here are today’s notable headlines. You can get News To Know via email alert and RSS daily:Jason O'Grady: MobileMe subscribers get a 60 day extensionAdrian Kingsley-Hughes: Is the "killer app" argument dead?
Written by Larry Dignan, Contributor

Here are today’s notable headlines. You can get News To Know via email alert and RSS daily:

Jason O'Grady: MobileMe subscribers get a 60 day extension

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes: Is the "killer app" argument dead?

Ryan Naraine: Adobe Flash ads launching clipboard hijack attackuTorrent silently patches critical vulnerability

Dennis Howlett: Zoho's future in Google's hands?

Mary Jo Foley: Office 14: Alpha testing to begin before year-en


Larry Dignan: IDF: Will your device really get to know you?

John Morris: Before Intel's big show, AMD launches an attack

Christopher Dawson: My bad day with Windows Server 2003

Paula Rooney: Microsoft unveils Application Server License Mobility change to ease some virtualization headaches

Yahoo Buzz opens up to all Web publishers

Sam Diaz: Search engines under the spotlight this week

Deb Perelman:Data architects: You're "hot"

Photos: Dell netbooks revealed (right)

Jason Perlow: Delivering the Olympics: Akamai and Limelight respond

Cisco: Why the Olympics didn’t melt NBC

Sam Diaz:  Searching by color to nibble away at Google.

Ryan Naraine: From Metasploit to Microsoft: Skape goes to Redmond

Google: Time to “Free the Airwaves” Techmeme

Ryan Stewart: 10 reasons to love Silverlight and 10 reasons to hate it

Oliver Marks: Jive Clearspace 2.5: increasingly sophisticated social productivity tools

Paul Murphy: Excel and Basic Accounting Error

Jason O'Grady: Garmin Project Bobcat beta software hits version

Heather Clancy: IBM: Measure, measure and measure some more

Joe McKendrick: The beatings will continue until SOA governance improves

Michael Krigsman: 12 early warning signs of IT failure

Dan Kusnetzky: Building the ecosystem: Citrix and Platform Computing

Photos: Training for WMD terrorist attacks (right)

Windows Sentinel: Bursting the Vista sales bubble

Diaz: cloud computing - lowercase, please. hold the (TM)

Andrew Mager: An Event Apart 2008

IBM: The mainframe is back

HP: HP Lightens the Load for Business Travelers

Christopher Dawson: Don't downgrade me to XP!

Matthew Miller: T-Mobile 3G news heats up with HTC Dream and Samsung T919 rumors

Torvalds: No picnic to become major Linux coder

BusinessWeek: Open Source: An Open Question for Red Hat and Others

Dignan: Gartner: Global IT spending to jump 8 percent in 2008

Richard Koman: Russia, Georgia and NASA

Ed Burnette: Surviving a lightning strike: Shock and awe

Photos: How the Victorians did gadgets (right)

Dana Blankenhorn: Get your next knee online

Roland Piquepaille: Hand animation models for surgeons

Silicon Alley Insider: Video Ad Companies: People Love Watching Video Ads!

Ryan Stewart: NBA looking to stream live games

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