News to know: IE 8; iPhone password locks; SOA; Palm Treo Pro reviews

Here are today’s notable headlines. You can get News To Know via email alert and RSS daily:Mary Jo Foley: IE 8 Beta 2 ready for downloadEd Bott: Internet Explorer 8 gets a massive makeoverGallery: Internet Explorer 8 Beta 2Adrian Kingsley-Hughes: Internet Explorer 8 Beta 2 vs.
Written by Larry Dignan, Contributor

Here are today’s notable headlines. You can get News To Know via email alert and RSS daily:

Mary Jo Foley: IE 8 Beta 2 ready for downloa


Dana Blankenhorn: Has Firefox already matched IE privacy features?

Codename of the day: Nitrogen

Dancho Danchev: Taiwan busts hacking ring, 50 million personal records compromised

Mitch Ratcliffe: Attention Craig Newmark: Citizens aren't customers

Gawker: Bloomberg Runs Steve Jobs' Obituary

EIC Podcast: Apple-Psystar; Cisco vs. Microsoft; DNC; Dell

Joe McKendrick: SOA adoption down from 2006: if so, why?

Ed Burnette: Suddenly, Android is hot again

Michael Krigsman: MediaMax / The Linkup: When the cloud fails

Dennis Howlett: Now that the HP-EDS deal has been consummated

Matthew Miller: Review: Palm Treo Pro brings thinnest Treo to the world Gallery right.

Foley: Signs of life emerge on the Vista marketing front

Paul Murphy: Resurrecting E-voting

Dan Kusnetzky: Datacore - nothing but storage

WSJ: More Artists Steer Clear of iTunes

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes: "Why do you hate Vista so much?"

Christopher Dawson: NPR feature on OLPC - what went wrong?

ReadWriteWeb: Everything You Thought You Knew About the Business of YouTube Was Wrong

TechTrader Daily: TiVo Q2 Net, EBITDA Top Ests; But Q3 Outlook Looks LightSam Diaz: It must be a rough day in Cupertino

Jason O'Grady: Major security hole found in iPhone

Cisco buys PostPath: WebEx to compete with Exchange, Outlook, Office?

Jennifer Leggio: Some brands should allow themselves to be 'jacked'

Harry Fuller: Clean-tech gets political while China moves into first placeDana Blankenhorn: Linux Foundation announces end user summit

TechCrunch: ESPN Helps The Active Network Raise $80 Million More

Video: Hydrogen Road Tour hits the road

Ryan Stewart: Mozilla Ubiquity: Is Mozilla building out a different kind of RIA platform?

The enterprise: All fun and 'serious games'?

IDC: 2Q Server units up; Price war looms; IBM keeps market share lead

Roland Piquepaille:MeteoSwiss watches the skies in 3D

Dana Gardner: Databases leverage MapReduce technology to radically juice data scale, performance, analytics

Sam Diaz: Virtualization software revives dumb terminals, cuts IT costs

Andrew Nusca: Say goodbye to laser: Microsoft 'Blue Track' mouse discovered (with pic)

Janice Chen: Just-announced Nikon D90 vs. just-reduced Canon EOS 40D

Richard Koman: The Gammima Strain

John Carroll: The role of media in the Internet age

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