News to know: IE patches; Google Chrome; Adobe; Dell; SAP

IE patches; Google Chrome; LotusLive; Dell; SAP are among Wednesday's headliners.
Written by Larry Dignan, Contributor

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Ryan Naraine: Patch Tuesday: Microsoft plugs IE 'drive-by download' security holes

Robin Harris: RFID passport identity theft made simple

Mary Jo Foley: How Microsoft stacks up against Google's latest search and mobile wares

Prosthetic fingers aid fine motor skills (photos)

Rachel King: Welcome Google Chrome for Mac and Linux beta

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes: I like Win 7, but I've already drawn up a Win 8 wishlist

Smart Planet: Does global warming science need a restart (or at least a new story)?

Andrew Nusca: Seagate to launch 7mm laptop hard disk; ushers in thinner PCs

Garett Rogers: Google flexes its muscles: Enter the Real-Time web

Michael Krigsman: SAP Influencer event: First impressions

Andrew Mager: Instantiate the cascade: Object-oriented CSS in action

Jennifer Leggio: Falling in love again, aka the Foursquare BlackBerry app

Zack Whittaker: What's the deal with the student deals?

Matthew Miller: Motorola DROID getting full featured firmware update soon

TechRepublic: CIO: Stop being a snake oil salesman

Sam Diaz: Google 101: educating small business owners about cloud tools

Silicon Alley Insider: CONFIRMED: Saul Hansell Quits The New York Times For AOL

Jason O'Grady: iTunes Rewind takes a look back at 2009

1% of App Store inventory removed in ratings scam

Dragon Dictate comes to the iPhone (updated)

Bloomberg: Dell Rings Up $6.5 Million in Sales Using Twitter Promotions

SmartPlanet: Nanotechnology to end insulin injections for diabetics

Heather Clancy: For Symantec storage software, thin is in, and that's a green thing

King: D-Link and Boxee bringing the 'Boxee Box' to your living room

Dana Gardner: Fujitsu ascends to new cloud offerings, expands data center to cover enterprises and ISVs

Dana Blankenhorn: Compromises always taste bad

Mitch Ratcliffe: When customers love the product, but hate your mission, it's time to change publishing

New Tee Vee: Study: Redbox Will Destroy the Entertainment Industry

Chris Jablonski: World's smallest 'snowman' measures 1/5th the width of a human hair

Dan Kusnetzky:Novell announces workload management strategy and roadmap

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