News to know: IE, Vista patches on deck; Google's money machine; Microsoft's licensing mess

Notable headlines:Ryan Naraine: Patch Tuesday: Critical IE, Vista patches on deck. Exploits released for nasty Yahoo Webcam ActiveX flaws.
Written by Larry Dignan, Contributor

Notable headlines:

Ryan Naraine: Patch Tuesday: Critical IE, Vista patches on deck. Exploits released for nasty Yahoo

Webcam ActiveX flaws. Import ban slapped on some 3G handsets.

Parallels updates Windows-on-Mac software. Gallery (left).

Dan Farber: SAP unveils Co-Innovation Lab and envisions Web 3.0.

Garett Rogers: Google launches YouTube’s money machine.

Ed Bott: Microsoft's licensing mess. Mary Jo Foley: Chalk up another Linux patent deal for Microsoft. Microsoft fixes Windows Mobile 6

.0-Vista Device Center sync problem.

Photos: The look of tech at Computex (right).

Apple TV: From whence the profits?

Digital signatures get Web standards nod.

Robin Harris: Western Digital's surprising little drive.

David Berlind: Windows Activation trips up virtual machine clones, even on same system.

Study: Shoppers will pay for privacy.

Larry Dignan: Firefox 3 takes shape with Alpha 5.

iPhone expectations: Lofty to loftier. BusinessWeek: How Big Will the iPhone Be? Computerworld: Beyond iPhone: The top five gadget trends of 2007.

Review: Samsung SGH-i718 (left).

Sprint adds local product search via GPS. Leading ISPs sign up for Goodmail antispam service.

BBC: Wireless energy promise powers up. AP: Agency Bans Phones With Qualcomm Chips.

Ed Burnette: GPLv3 myth#2: You c

an't mix GPL software with other software.

Joe McKendrick: REST for the SOA-weary. Photos (right): Easy does it with Asustek's 'Eee PC.'

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes: Malware could turn innocent iTunes Plus users into file-sharers. Dana Blankenhorn: The era of big software is over. Computerworld: Great Expectations: How To Keep Big IT Projects On Track.

Dan Kusnetzky: What does it take to manage virtualized environments? Here's Sun's view.

Solar thermal energy making a comeback.

Images: Google Street View captures moments in time (right). Reuters: Bill Gates, Harvard dropout, gets degree.

Steve O'Hear: Vator.tv: YouTube for the elevator pitch. John Carroll: The race for low-cost HD players.

Marc Andreessen: How to hire the best people you've ever worked with. Russell Shaw: Google patent: Use media keywords to trigger social network connections

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