News to know: Installing Leopard; Google; Green IT; BEA

Notable headlines:Adrian Kingsley-Hughes: The Leopard has landed: The Mac OS X 10.5 upgrade process.

Notable headlines:

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes: The Leopard has landed: The Mac OS X 10.5 upgrade process.

Gallery: Installing Leopard. Robin Harris: Back up before Leopard upgrade! David Morgenstern: Mac OS X Leopard installation as a spiritual practice. Dana Gardner: I got bitten by the Apple Leopard blue screen problem. Techmeme.

Garett Rogers: Use your Google Calendar offline soon. Russell Shaw: Google Patent app describes efficient database storage of Google Maps, Google Earth objects.

Oracle pulls BEA offer. Oracle and BEA: It was fun while it lasted. Reuters: Icahn threatens proxy fight.

Ryan Naraine: Microsoft confirms PDF attacks, urges caution. Joe McKendrick: So simple even an MIT-educated rocket scientist can do it.

Heather Clancy: For green data centers, it's location, location, location. More on making your PC greener through power management. Harry Fuller: Silicon Valley, green tech and the mystery of it all. BoomTown: Another Yahoo Exec Departs.

Russell Shaw: Hobbyist Skype statistician: Skype now exceeding 10 million concurrent sessions. Christopher Dawson: How I'd use Classmate PCs in the States (and why I really want a UMPC now).

TechCrunch: Hulu Launches Private Beta, Makes Very Good First Impressions.

Michael Krigsman: Facebook fails at privacy. Stopping failure in its tracks. Consultants hate failure. George Ou: AT&T DSL 1.5 mbps service = 0.3 mbps throughput. Valleywag: Facebook employees know what profiles you look at. David Berlind: HP admits to problems with Pavilion notebooks and tries to help. Adobe claims Flash's non-PC footprint alone will be 1 billion by 2010. It's no iPhone killer. But then again Nokia's E90 goes after a different target: the 'Bizirati'.

Dan Farber: The Magic Quadrant: Team collaboration and social software. Challenges ahead for Facebook developers.

George Ou: Microsoft blocks FairUse4WM v2 after 3 months of DRM free music. Why spam can only be managed, not ended.

Dion Hinchcliffe: SaaS and Office 2.0 evolving towards Enterprise 2.0?

Photos: Top 10 reviews of the week. Russell Shaw: BlackBerry Patent app would simplify searching for email with attachments. Office and Vista: Can't we give Microsoft some props? Why is most security software rubbish? Roland Piquepaille: Garments glowing in the dark.

Travelers: Leave cell phones off.

Stirring GE's Ecomagination.

Photos: Robots for all occasions (right). Acer: 11-12 percent of market after Gateway deal.

X Prize Cup brings outer space to New Mexico. AP: Apple imposes new limits on iPhone sales.

Creating power out of thin air.


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