News to know: Intel, IBM; Apple; SOA

Here are today’s notable headlines. You can get News To Know via email alert and RSS daily.
Written by Larry Dignan, Contributor

Here are today’s notable headlines. You can get News To Know via email alert and RSS daily.  For continuous updates see BNET’s around-the-Web tech coverage.

Larry Dignan:  IBM job cuts underway

Sam Diaz: Apple beats for Q1; iPod sales strong

Dancho Danchev: New mobile malware silently transfers account credit

Sam Diaz: Cisco's jump into servers: It's just business

Ryan Naraine: Apple QuickTime bitten by code execution flaws

Gallery: Desktop Linux KDE 4.2 RC1

Mary Jo Foley: Windows PC users face dwindling retail options

BoomTown: Zimbra Founder Satish Dharmaraj to Depart Yahoo

Phil Wainewright: Cash is the new black for cloud apps

IT workers got a raise in 2008, tech job site says

Gizmodo: Android G2 Photos: Thinner and No Keyboard

Dana Gardner: Services consumers and developers must now mount pressure for cloud computing neutrality

TechTrader Daily: Seagate Posts Huge Q2 Loss; Outlook Weak; Cuts Div

Jason Perlow: Technology initiatives we should demand from the Obama administration

Obama, Satyam won't spell outsourcing doom

CNET News: BlackBerry app store open for submissions

John Morris: Studio + XPS looks like a winner for Dell

Stopping corporate IT break-ins

Gallery: Sanyo's Spring 2009 Xacti lineup

HP's Hurd brings in $42.5 million; 4 other top execs top $20 million

Matthew Miller: Palm WebOS will serve as your true personal assistant

Recession not so scary to Riverbed; It pays to deliver ROI

Sean Portnoy: New Blu-ray players from Panasonic, Pioneer include first portable unit

Heather Clancy: My weekend wildlife sighting: Wind turbines in action

The SocialToo Blog: Twitter Limits Potential App Growth - How This Hurts Our UsersRed Hat version 5.3 released

The Open Road: Red Hat set to surpass Sun in market capitalization

New California hosting facility snags sizable ene

rgy-savings rebate

Gallery: Cleaning out the wire box (right)

Andrew Nusca: Ad-Aware 10th Anniversary Edition released

Jason O'Grady: Inside the GPS Revolution: Top 10 GPS apps

Harry Fuller: Swedish greentech will miss the Bush Admin

Ericsson to lay off 5,000 workers

Tom Foremski: Judy Estrin: my choice for CTO USA

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