News to know: Intertainer patent suit; Vista's RAM issues

Headlines of the day:Intertainer Patent Lawsuit Names Leading Technology Firms (Apple, Google, Napster).Speaking of lawsuits does Apple have a music monopoly issue?
Written by Larry Dignan, Contributor

Headlines of the day:
Intertainer Patent Lawsuit Names Leading Technology Firms (Apple, Google, Napster).

Speaking of lawsuits does Apple have a music monopoly issue?

Mozilla 2005 revenue was $53 million.

How to detect RAM problems to stabilize Vista.
Open source roundup:

Long-term Fedora Linux support ending.

MySQL shies away from GPLv3, free version.

Linux software installation to improve.

Make the Move site presents open source as a viable alternative. 

TechCrunch's Michael Arrington details a startup called WeatherBill in "Use WeatherBill To Bet On The Weather."

A few things to note: WeatherBill's idea of selling insurance for folks that can't get it--ask any Allstate customer in a flood zone how easy it is to get dumped--is timely. But the concept of hedging weather risk is nothing new. Meanwhile, if I'm a business seriously looking to minimize my weather risk I'm going to the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, which has a bevy of weather derivatives to trade. 
Hitachi database software finds U.S. customer.

YouTube vs. MySpace: Is friendly bankable?

Crystal ball: Macworld Expo 2007. Will Steve Jobs keynote really be 2 hours long?

It's Not That Easy Being Green, but Techs Are Trying This Year.
Tivo needs a tweak.
Net neutrality push expected to resume in Congress.
WSJ: Wal-Mart to change worker scheduling system. FYI, Wal-Mart's system, which is used at other retailers, is made by Kronos.
Digg’s seven-step recovery program.

How our brain ’sees’ the future.

Photos: The 'personal blimp' takes flight.

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