News to know: iPhone Dev Camp; So long computer science; Intel

Notable headlines:Andrew Mager: Touring iPhone Dev Camp 2Live: Day 2 from the iPhone Dev Camp 2Hands full?
Written by Larry Dignan, Contributor

Notable headlines:

Andrew Mager: Touring iPhone Dev Camp 2

Dion Hinchliffe: Enterprise cloud computing gathers steam

Joe McKendrick: Goodbye, comp-sci -- now it's 'service' as a science

Jason O'Grady: MobileMe drops subscribed calendar syncing

Dana Blankenhorn: JasperSoft outsourced its community forge

NYT: Intel's Line of Graphics Chips Could Have Broader Uses

Mary Jo Foley: I say crapware; you say 'performance enhancer'

Jason Perlow:Plat'Home OpenBlockS: Made in Japan

Poll: How would you rebrand Live Search?

Sam Diaz: Schoolyard antics take Microhoo drama to new level

TechRepublic: Learn how tech salesmen get past your gatekeeper

Paul Murphy: Is Wintel IT Expense a Giffen good?Ryan Naraine:Rise of the 'legit' malware sites

Fred Wilson: Venture Fund Economics: Gross and Net ReturnsLinuxWorld hopes to make mobile news

TechCrunch: Taking social networks abroad - Why MySpace and Facebook are failing in JapanDeb Perelman:My Awesome IT Job: Senior vice president, CA

Garett Rogers:Is Google changing how our brains physically work?

Teleread: Lesson for Kindle fans and other e-bookers?  ‘What if Apple stopped issuing DRM keys?’  Same danger?

Tom Foremski: Are we seeing a disturbing trend in "blackmail" innovation...?

Nate McFeters: On GIFARs

WSJ: Time Warner Is Ready To Deal AOL Components

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes: PCMark 2005 memory benchmark favors Intel CPUs

Roland Piquepaille:Robot buoy to track oil spills

Heather Clancy: Potential green tech corporate role models for you to research

Paul Miller: Simple semantic mashups from InfoSpace show possibilities

Photos: Top 10 reviews of the week

Paul Murphy: Sony's Photo Frame

Larry Dignan: FCC slaps Comcast's wrist over network neutrality; Sets precedent

Andrew Mager: New Facebook design focuses on status

Andrew Nusca: Weekend Gadget Guidance: Navigate phone trees automatically

Daily Mail: Apple to launch the iPhone ‘nano’ in time for Christmas

Blankenhorn: Practice Fusion brings SaaS revolution to your doc's office

Toyota tinkers with baby Segways

PaidContent: AOL's Tacoda To Terminate Inventory Contracts With Publishers; Clarizio: ‘Expanding, Not Shuttering’

Michael Krigsman: IT failures roundup: Airports; jail system; angry travellers

Zack Whittaker: It's official: my broadband nightmare is over

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