News to know: iPhone; Seagate drives; Chip price lists

Notable headlines:Seagate's new line of hard drives.Larry Dignan: Apple iPod Touch will cannibalize iPhone.
Written by Larry Dignan, Contributor

Notable headlines:

Seagate's new line of hard drives.

Larry Dignan: Apple iPod Touch will cannibalize iPhone.

Ryan Naraine: ActiveX flaws haunt QuickBooks Online.

George Ou: Intel Tigerton and AMD Barcelona price list.

Heather Clancy Collins on Green data centers: Memory counts, too.

Read/WriteWeb: 10 Future Web Trends

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes: Quad-core PC project - Price list.

Dan Farber: HP trots out fall line of products. HP gets in the game with Blackbird (right).

NetApp claims Sun's ZFS violates its patents. NetApp files patent suit against Sun.

Larry Dignan: SAP CEO Kagermann warms up for A1S. Dennis Howlett: Disrupting the business SAP style.

Joe McKendrick: Is SOA a code word for 'downsize'?

Michael Dell unaware of accounting shenanigans.

TechRepublic: Firefox 3: A look at its new security features.

Mary Jo Foley: Microsoft releases Windows Live suite beta with common installer. Microsoft hopes Windows Live finds common ground.

Zune gets price cut. Review: Latest Sony PSP.

George Ou: Intel launches Caneland MP platform and Tigerton CPUs. Photos. John Spooner: AMD fans the flames with Barcelona pricing. Henri Richard lands at Freescale.

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes: Graphics related bugs still plague Vista.

Mary Jo Foley: Microsoft ‘extends support’ for Novell’s Silverlight Linux port. Paula Rooney: Moonlight to pump up Linux desktop, Microsoft’s OpenXML standards effort? Dana Blankenhorn: Asian open source continues marching ahead.

Images: Rockets will blast off from Spaceport America.

Branson hopes to use Google Earth to find Fossett.

Jason O'Grady: That damned recessed iPhone headphone jack.

Steve O'Hear: How Facebook’s “public search listing” could empower users. Dan Farber: Facebook, people search and privacy. GigaOm: Facebook opens up to public search. Dennis Howlett: Facebook just scared me.

News.com: DHS chief: Cybersecurity efforts are 'classified'.

Russell Shaw: Sprint attorney at infringement trial: without out inventions, Vonage ..."could not exist"

Dana Blankenhorn: Health care at the money dance.

Matthew Miller: HP may be releasing new Windows Mobile devices.

Cognos buys Applix.

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