News to know: iPhone software update; FCC and open wireless; Facedown

Notable headlines:Jason O'Grady: iPhone software update 1.0.
Written by Larry Dignan, Contributor

Notable headlines:

Jason O'Grady: iPhone software update 1.0.1 released.

Gallery (below).

Ryan Naraine: Apple monster update fixes iPhone, Safari, Mac OS X flaws.

FCC approves some open wireless requirements. Google public policy blog: Signs of real progress at the FCC.

Dan Farber: Facebook becomes Facedown. Techmeme. Facebook, Tagged and Bebo outpacing MySpace growth rate.


Mary Jo Foley: What's next on Microsoft's search agenda?

TechRepublic: Big Blue goes green: IBM plans dramatic overhaul of data centers to save $250 million in energy.

Ozzie: Innovation comes from the consumer. Larry Dignan: Ozzie tries to justify Microsoft's consumer detours.

WSJ: Murdoch wins Dow Jones. Press release.

Photos: Albuquerque's PC roots (right).

CompTIA: IE voted 'most influential' tech product.

Larry Dignan: Cheaper iPhone coming? Techmeme. Russell Shaw: NASA: iPhone isn't "enterprise-ready," but BlackBerry 8800 sure is. Jason O'Grady: iPhone to stream Internet radio?

Wikia details plans for search rival to Google.

Joe McKendrick: Will SOA still be 'SOA' five years from now? Dana Gardner: Red Hat ramps up virtualization drive for RHEL 5. Dan Farber: Open source systems management challenging incumbents. Mary Jo Foley: SoftGrid app-virtualization: Another way to offer software as a service. Computerworld: Businesses having second thoughts about Vista.

Google bets on mobile market. Larry Dignan: Why the FCC's 700Mhz auction matters.

Jason O'Grady: iMac keyboard morphs into MacBook keyboard.

Microsoft photo standard comes into focus.

David Berlind: Technology Shakedown #2: 'Blocked program' warning in Vista leads to a dead end. Signing e-mail to legally bind e-mail attachments: Easier said than done.

Republicans' YouTube debate date in limbo.

Photos: Aviation lovers flip over Oshkosh air show.

Computerworld: Telepresence: Finally, videoconferencing that works.

Report: Eminem sues Apple for copyright infringement. TorrentSpy lawyer battling 'copyright extremism'

Price pressures, merger costs hit Alcatel-Lucent.

Steve O'Hear: Second Life a terrorist training camp?

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