News to know: IT wary of Web 2.0; DST looms; New My Yahoo

Notable headlines: Dion Hinchcliffe: More organizations shift to Web 2.0 while IT departments remain wary.
Written by Larry Dignan, Contributor

Notable headlines: 

Dion Hinchcliffe: More organizations shift to Web 2.0 while IT departments remain wary.
AT&T may try to alter pact with Yahoo: WSJ 

AP: Gates, Buffett Top Billionaires Ranking. List.

Daylight Saving woe

Mary Jo Foley: Microsoft customers melting down over Daylight Saving patches.

Larry Dignan: Your DST IT nightmare: Who’s to blame? Hint: They’re in DC.

Russell Shaw: Here’s your complete BlackBerry Daylight Savings Time how-to resource.

Matthew Miller: Apply Daylight Saving Time updates to all your mobile devices.

Daylight saving change proves thorny for businesses.

Ryan Naraine: Microsoft: No security patches this month. Talkative botnet herder taunts security researchers.

Larry Dignan: Will My Yahoo make personalization matter?
Read/WriteWeb: My Yahoo gets Web 2.0 makeover. Techmeme.
50 ways to kill an asteroid--Roland Piquepaille
GigaOm: Is Clearwire worth $4 billion?
Arstechnica: Skype: Now you, too, can run a phone sex line (or even tech support!).

Vonage to pay $58 million in Verizon patent case.

Donna Bogatin: Google beefs up legal team in wake of subpoenas.
NY Times: Start-Up Aims for Database to Automate Web Searching.
Ryan Stewart: Public beta of Apollo releasing around March 16th.

Suspends Trading Of 35 Companies Touted In Spam Email Campaigns.

CIO: How to Keep Server TCO Down.

Jason O'Grady: AirPort Extreme software up


Dana Blankenhorn: How good an open source citizen can Oracle become?

Images: Carmakers paint Geneva green (right).
eBay CEO: Phishers threaten user trust.
HP technology aims to capture true 'Shrek' green.

CNET Australia: iTunes
: Just how random is random?

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