News to know: Killing crapware; Ubuntu; Thin clients; AMD

Notable headlines:Mary Jo Foley: Microsoft inks more Novell-like patent-infringement deals.Larry Dignan: Can multimedia make thin clients in (finally)?

Notable headlines:

Mary Jo Foley: Microsoft inks more Novell-like patent-infringement deals.

Larry Dignan: Can multimedia make thin clients in (finally)?

Dan Farber: unbundles Apex platform from CRM apps.

George Ou: Killing the crapware problem on PCs. John Carroll: Countering Apple's ad campaign.

AMD gooses Opteron to 3 gigahertz.

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes: First thoughts on Ubuntu 7.04 Feisty Fawn. Gallery (right). Christopher Dawson: Ubuntu in education?

MacBook hacked in contest at security event. Ryan Naraine: MacBook Pro hijacked with Safari zero-day.

Photos: Top 10 reviews of the week. Review: Systemax Pursuit 4155 (Intel Core Duo T2250, Vista Ultimate).

Dell: Deepening our roots in Second Life. Engadget: Dell Tablet PC coming this Fall?

Don't let your navigation system fool you.

Russell Shaw: New BlackBerry app suite will run on some Windows Mobile devices.

Start-up adds shortcuts to Web browsing.

Policing Web Video With 'Fingerprints'

: Move over MySpace, Gaia Online is here. Steve O'Hear: Facebook adds Twitter-like functionality.

David Berlind: HP responds to privacy concerns over printer driver's pop-up survey.

New York Times: From Many Tweets, One Loud Voice on the Internet.

Garett Rogers: Claim Your Content: New Google webmaster tools feature coming? Bourne Ultimatum game on Google this summer.

Photos: on game day: How IT happens (left). IT lessons from CTO Joe Choti.

eWeek: Red Hat's JBoss to Adopt Fedora Model.

Phil Windley: Printing circuits on your ink jet printer.

No settlement with Oracle, SAP chief says

Phil Wainewright: My SaaS deployment is bigger than yours.

Donna Bogatin: Google's YouTube: Not so dirty little secrets. More Digital Markets.

Andrew Keen:
My top five consumer electronic items.

Ars Technica: This is your life, according to Google.

Images: A spinning skyscraper in Dubai (right).

sues eBay's StubHub over sales tactics.

Google purchases Marratech conferencing software. Russell Shaw: Will Google's Marratech purchase marginalize Google Talk?

Mary Jo Foley: Microsoft Visual Studio Orcas Beta 1 ready for download.

Larry Dignan: AMD's restructuring could be fab-less–or at least fab light.

WSJ: Pound by Pound, Dollar for Dollar, The Complicated Equation for Going Green.

Christopher Dawson: Teachers + MySpace = Bad Idea?

Valleywag: The six things you can't say in Silicon Valley.


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