News to know: Leopard data loss; Microsoft's offline sync; Mandriva CEO; Google and GPL

Notable headlines:Adrian Kingsley-Hughes: This Leopard bug beats anything Vista has to offer. Tom Karpick: Massive data loss bug in Leopard.
Written by Larry Dignan, Contributor

Notable headlines:

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes: This Leopard bug beats anything Vista has to offer. Tom Karpick: Massive data loss bug in Leopard.

Mary Jo Foley: More details emerge on Microsoft's online-offline sync platform. Ryan Stewart: The WPF component market is hot.

Christopher Dawson: Interview with Mandriva CEO, François Bancilhon.

George Ou: Seagate settles hard drive lawsuit, but who's going to fill out the claim form?

Ed Burnette: Google rejects GPL in new gPhone alliance. David Berlind: Is a Java power play lurking beneath Google's Open Handset Alliance?

Google sends out Android to conquer mobile world. Larry Dignan: Google outlines the Open Handset Alliance; Will it succeed? Analyst: Google's Android could land $2 to $4 per smart phone. Dana Gardner: Google's Android approach threatens no less than the personal computer itself. Matthew Miller: HTC will be launching an Android handset in the 2nd half of 2008. Dana Blankenhorn: Google says no phone, just a spec. Techmeme.

Photos: Hobbyists heed TechShop's siren song (right).

Ryan Naraine: Apple nukes QuickTime for Java, plugs 7 more vulnerabilities.

Symantec pulls trigger on Vontu deal.Macrovision plugs gaping hole in DRM software.

Dan Farber: meebo hooks up with Joost. Phil Wainewright: ADP sees incentive for SaaS. Joe McKendrick: Hooray! 'SOA' voted most 'confusing acronym of the year'Michael Krigsman: New research into CRM implementation failures.

David Morgenstern: Leopard Time Machine: Don’t trust it yet. Adrian Kingsley-Hughes: iPod touch - Nice device, shame Apple crippled it. MIT offers City Car for the masses.

David Berlind: HP, eat your heart out. At $150, Lexmark's WiFi All-in-1 printer/copier/scanner/fax got my cash. Mary Jo Foley: HP starts taking orders for its Windows Home Server systems. Review (left). Visual Studio 2008 to RTM in November.

Computerworld: IBM to let customers sell server energy savings on carbon markets.

Dan Farber: Defrag: Deconstructing the social Web. Defragging identity, disclosures and vendor relationship management. Phil Windley: Michael Barrett on Web 2.0: This stuff scares the hell out of me.

David Berlind: At $1267, you won't do much better than Panasonic's TH-42PZ700U hi-def plasma display.

VentureBeat: Breaking: More on Facebook’s ads, and potential conflict with developers. Dana Blankenhorn: Healthcare focus of World Usability Day.

BEA forks over confidential data to Icahn.

AP: Parsons departs as Time Warner CEO.

Larry Dignan: Dell gets more channel religion; Buys EqualLogic for $1.4B. IAC: If at first you don't succeed, spin off the weak stuff. Techmeme.

Robin Harris: PS3 gamers are real world heroes.

Dennis Howlett: Twittering the news. Yihong-Ding: A simple picture of Web evolution. Tom Foremski: Web 2.0 is dead ... long live Web 2.0.

Dan Farber: HiveLive launches enterprise community platform. RIM launches software aimed at smaller firms. ICANN taps New Zealand lawyer to replace Cerf.

DARPA race pushes robotics forward. Gallery (right).

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