News to know: Leopard launch; Microsoft and Facebook; BlackBerry converts; Scripting bugs

Notable headlines:Larry Dignan: Microsoft's $240 million says Facebook no fad after all. Mary Jo Foley: Are you surprised?

Notable headlines: Larry Dignan: Microsoft's $240 million says Facebook no fad after all. Mary Jo Foley: Are you surprised? Microsoft beats Google with Facebook deal. Dan Farber: Google execs on MySpace, Facebook deals. Google’s Sergey Brin: ‘We don’t need to own everything…Techmeme. David Morgenstern: Planning for a Leopard migration. Can we please retire the iPod "halo" nonsense?

Walt Mossberg: Leopard: Faster, Easier Than Vista. Techmeme. Security features expected within Mac OS X Leopard. Matthew Miller: The BlackBerry Curve with @Home UMA service convinced me to buy my first BB. Gallery (right). Ryan Naraine: Microsoft ships free tool to swat cross-site scripting scripting bugs. Notorious spyware purveyor shuts down.

Ballmer: Calling on mobile. Russell Shaw: VoIP Security firm: we informed Vonage of hackability a month ago and haven't heard back. Verizon Wireless wants to sell your personally identifiable data: here's how you can stop this.

Paul Murphy: Linux: it’s the last word on AIX vs. Solaris.

Intel to start production at new $3 billion plant. Mary Jo Foley: Microsoft hones its Vista holiday pitch. Windows Live Sp

aces Users Get New Events, Feeds Services (right).

Paula Rooney: XenSource: Xen hypervisor made for servers, not OS. Computerworld: San Diego puts Web collaboration, Reverse 911 systems to use in wildfire battle. Larry Dignan: Google exec talks innovation: Can you find the Apps pitch? Google analyst meeting: Eric Schmidt: Plenty of upside left in Google’s integrated strategy. David Berlind: From Interop: Geoage rapidly turns handsets into wireless structured data gatherers. BricaBox to be like the Wordpress of structured data & mashes 3rd party sources in too. From Startup Camp: Is it possible to wall-in a safe online garden for kids?

VMware maiden earnings report tops projections. Ed Burnette: Sun fights back with patents of their own against NetApp. The future of net discrimination, brought to you by Comcast.

TechCrunch: Google Declares Jihad On Blog Link Farms. Joe McKendrick: Other views: Don't be so fast to declare 'Enterprise SOA' DOA. Phil Wainewright: Dynamics NAV 6.0: another day, another brick. Dennis Howlett: Microsoft Dynamics: 8 questions for Kirill Tatarinov. AP: More accounts affected in TJX breach.

Pint-size hydro power on tap.

Roland Piquepaille: E-textiles to monitor your health.

Microsoft formally withdraws remaining EU appeals.

In search of the Google phone. Nokia welcomes Motorola back to Symbian camp.

Microsoft really wants to know you.