News to know: Life without Google; Securing Safari; Dell

Notable headlines:Life without Google: Quintura a nice alternative. Gallery (right).

Notable headlines:

Life without Google: Quintura a nice alternative.

Gallery (right).

Techmeme: The great age debate: Can over 30-somethings innovate?

AP: GE, Pearson Discussing Dow Jones Bid.

Marc Orchant: Dell selling Nokia phones - bad news for carriers. Matthew Miller: Dell coupons may help you buy a new Nokia S60 device.

Microsoft Mediaroom IPTV and Multimedia Platform Debuts at NXTcomm.

Dell: Dell's 23 confessions. Ars Technica: Dell apologizes for overreaction to sensitive sales tips. The Consumerist: 22 confessions of a former Dell sales manager.

Robin Harris: How to REALLY erase a hard drive - Update.

TechCrunch: A very organized hit job on LifeLock.

Ryan Naraine: Securing Safari: How to run Apple’s browser securely.

Gallery (right). Marc Orchant: Is Safari a honeypot for the iPhone?

Windows v Linux - Days of risk in 2006.

Jason O'Grady: Leopard 9a466 screen shots. Phil Wainewright: SaaS and the packaged software appliance. Can the appliance put SaaS on-premise? Joe McKendrick: O'Toole: The era of Big SOA is over. Dana Gardner: WSO2 expands ESB market with Apache Synapse-based, open source SOA offering.

Dan Farber Live event: Andrew McAfee and Thomas Davenport debate the merits of Enterprise 2.0.

David Berlind: ZDNet names its 10th Deputy Tester of the Week (to get free tech!).

New York Times: Online sales lose steam.

New York magazine: Steve Jobs in a box. Jason O'Grady: MacBook Pro 17-inch HD starting to arrive.

AP: Blockbuster to favor Blu-Ray disks.

Paul Murphy: The state of Unix.

Top reviews of the week (left).

Computerworld: Browser wars: Mozilla exec calls Steve Jobs 'out-of-date.'

FAQ: What to do with your Yahoo photos.

Microsoft CEO calls Google complaint 'baseless'

Baseline: What data mining can and can't do.

Moscow museum resurrects Soviet arcade games. Photos:

Rescuing Russia's arcade games (right).

Dana Blankenhorn: Case studies in an open source world. Larry Dignan: Adobe on Google Gears, Flex success and CS3 uptake.

Computerworld: Marines deploy Sharepoint. Garett Rogers: Stream YouTube videos on your mobile phone.


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