News to know: Linux; XP SP3; MySpace profits; HTC Advantage unwrapped

Notable headlines:Paula Rooney: Torvalds, Red Hat are no shows at Linuxworld. Novell CEO Calls For New Linux Distro ISV Standard, Praises FSF.
Written by Larry Dignan, Contributor

Notable headlines:

Paula Rooney: Torvalds, Red Hat are no shows at Linuxworld.Novell CEO Calls For New Linux Distro ISV Standard, Praises FSF.

Mary Jo Foley: Microsoft confirms Windows XP SP3 pre-beta is in testers’ hands. A (Microsoft) Code Name a Day: Volta. You say SkyDrive, I say LiveDrive.

Ryan Naraine: IBM security strategist: Stop crediting vulnerability brokers.

Larry Dignan: Fox Interactive turns

annual profit; MySpace revenue to top $800 million in fiscal 2008.

Michael Krigsman: "Fact-Free Planning" Dan Farber: Spock's public beta debut goes splat. Spock: Search's final frontier? Dan Farber: Spock joins the people-centered Web. Photos: IBM lifts lid on Web 2.0 tech.

David Morgenstern: Apple’s stealth campaign for business? Jason O'Grady: Apple downplaying the Mac mini. George Ou: Apple leads PC design again with iMac. How can iPhone render pictures better than desktop computers?

Dennis Howlett: Getting data OUT of Facebook.

Russell Shaw: BlackBerry 8310 with GPS due this fall.

PCWorld:  Google Mistakes Own Blog for Spam, Deletes it. Blockbuster acquires Movielink. TechCrunch: Google News Hypocrisy: Walled Off Content. Techmeme. Google News to allow source comments. Google news blog.

Steve O'Hear: New York Times to host 'Freakonomics' blog. 

George Ou: Realtek silent data corruption caused by firmware.

Dana Blankenhorn: Is simpler medical billing possible? FireScope seeks portlet market.

Matthew Miller: HTC Advantage first impressions: GPS and HSDPA rock. Unwrapping the HTC Advantage X7501 (right).

Larry Dignan: Telepresence gains traction; Is your network ready?

The missing link in the application stack.

Study: More time spent on Web than newspapers.

Vodafone says it'll keep Verizon stake.

Heather Clancy Collins: Big Blue's latest Big Green manifesto.

Photos: A modular solar home takes root. Joe McKendrick: Survey: As SOA grows, so do issues. Microsoft: when it comes to SOA, 'just do it'

Dan Kusnetzky: Speculation about embedded hypervisors.

Russell Shaw: YouTube, Google Street View: the copyright, trademark, AND privacy trolls are coming.

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