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Notable headlines:Mary Jo Foley: Microsoft sending mixed messages about Windows futures with 'Fiji'?Sam Diaz: LinuxWorld keynotes: Now is the time to invest.
Written by Larry Dignan, Contributor

Notable headlines:

Mary Jo Foley: Microsoft sending mixed messages about Windows futures with 'Fiji'?

Sam Diaz: LinuxWorld keynotes: Now is the time to invest.

Larry Dignan: Yahoo: Our board a lot less loved today Boomtown: The Yahoo Shareholder Vote: Like Florida, Except More Confusing!

Larry Dignan: Cisco's quarter clears hurdles; Outlook murky but close enough

Ryan Naraine: Microsoft makes daring vulnerability sharing move

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes: The 8GB/64-bit advantage - More RAM doesn't always mean better performance. Gallery@right.

Jason Perlow: Are you a Dog or a Cat?

Dennis Howlett: Dell's 'Cloud Computing' and other strange stuff

TechRepublic: Deciphering the term "Cloud Computing"

Zack Whittaker: Why x86 is perfectly fine for now

VentureBeat: Google Search Appliance gets bigger, better, stores 10M docs in a box

San Francisco Chronicle: Lost laptop found in SFO office

Chris Brogan: When Google Owns You

Tom Steinert-Threlkeld: Indictments Are Nice, More Arrests Much Nicer

Phil Wainewright: Amazon funds Elastra's enterprise cloud push

Reuters: UPDATE - Priceline posts higher net income, but shares fall

Andrew Mager: Zittrain explains the future of technology

Ryan Stewart: Silverlight and DoubleClick: Old news with a new press release

Silicon Alley Insider: Comcast Buys DailyCandy For $125 Million*

Christopher Dawson: Should colleges really teach hacking?

Jason O'Grady: App Store find: Food IQ

Photos: Back-to-school shopping list (right)

Mitch Ratcliffe: Cerf's all for simple pricing: Net Neutrality all over again

Michael Krigsman: Segway recalls transporters over software problem

Andrew Nusca: MIT team working on $12 'Apple II' desktop

Christopher Dawson: Will the $12 computer pwn the $100 laptop?

Heather Clancy: Holy cow, Batman, it's a Platinum-level green data center!

Jennifer Leggio: Cutting + pasting + blogging = trouble

Dana Gardner: Sybase rides growing database business into mobility innovation, says Chen at user conference

John Morris: The lowdown on Intel's Larrabee

News.com: Apple holds on to U.S. retail music lead

AP: News Corp 4Q profit jumps 27 percent

Paul Miller: The Semantic Web is about bringing information to life

Matt Asay: What copyright costs us

Consumer Reports: 7 online blunders

Garett Rogers: Google has Olympic fever

Paul Murphy: It's not good for everything, therefore it's not good for anything

Richard Koman: 'Making available' argument rapidly dying well-deserved death

Roland Piquepaille: World's first wind-powered vehicle race

Photos: More spins from the Oshkosh air show

Steve O'Hear: Malware arrives - proof that Twitter is nearing mainstream?

Larry Dignan: Delta rolls out Wi-Fi across U.S. fleet

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