News to know: Mac at 25; Green storage; Android; Zune a misfit toy?

Here are today’s notable headlines. You can get News To Know vi a email al ert and RSS daily .
Written by Larry Dignan, Contributor

Here are today’s notable headlines. You can get News To Know vi

a email al ert and RSS daily .  For continuous updates see BNET’s around-the-Web tech coverage .

Christopher Dawson: The Intel convertible Classmate - 1:1 and beyond

Adam O'Donnell: Will EDoS be the next DDoS?

Brian Sommer: Satyam – Can anything be trusted in Raju’s resignation letter?

ZDNet UK: Happy birthday, Apple Macintosh

Heather Clancy: Trade group releases initial green storage measurement guidelines

NYT: $200 Laptops Break a Business Model

Matthew Miller: Android Cupcake update may be missing major need, memory management

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes: Should Microsoft kick the Zune to the Island of the Misfit Toys?

Robin Harris: Windows kicks Linux to the curb

TechCrunch: Twitter Raising New Cash At $250 Million Valuation

Mary Jo Foley: Sources: Microsoft to close completely its Aces game studio

Financial Times: Cash-rich US techs guard purse strings

NYT: Cellphones as Credit Cards?  Americans Must Wait

Sean Portnoy: Datto launches Box 2 Box P2P NAS device

Phil Wainewright: Xactly buys rival Centive

Jason Perlow: Fun at Kennedy Space Center

BoomTown: Carol Bartz's First-Week-at-Yahoo Memo to the Troops

Oliver Marks: Lonely, Scared & Bitter

Zack Whittaker: Students: how to pitch a killer product

Garrett Rogers: Google to launch next big update to Google Earth

Joe Brockmeier: Even hackers get the blues

Sam Diaz: Verizon's Hub: Another way to fight iPhone churn?

Silicon Alley Insider: What A Nigerian Facebook Scam Looks Like

Paul Murphy: From Windows to Unix: a mental journey

Larry Dignan: VeriSign buys Certicom to trump RIM

Dennis Howlett: The great certification debate

Oliver Marks: An Obama Administration and Sony Comparison

CNBC: Apple nano Owners Gettin' A Little Extra ‘Scratch’

Nusca: $22.5 million cash settlement for Apple iPod nano owners

Ultimate Ears MetroFi earphones--photos Sam Diaz: Intel's Barrett to retire in May

Security market soars after Mumbai attacks

Engadget Mobile: AT&T dropping unlimited data and messaging to $30

Joe McKendrick: More bus-bashing: ESBs are 'standards-based,' but not 'standardized'

Apple threatens Palm over Pre

ReadWriteWeb: Why Twitter's New Security Solution Could Pave the Way to a Future Web of Mashups

Heather Clancy: Before you can get a grip, you have to get a grip. IBM aims to help.

Tom Foremski: There's a green lining in economic clouds

Dana Blankenhorn: Where will Java coders go now?

Samsung paints an ugly tech picture

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