News to know: Malware infects Google search; IT disaster; Macworld 08; Alienware review

Notable headlines:Larry Dignan: Sunbelt Software: Google search results delivering massive malware attacks. Techmeme.
Written by Larry Dignan, Contributor

Notable headlines:

Larry Dignan: Sunbelt Software: Google search results delivering massive malware attacks. Techmeme.

Globes: In global precedent, Google to hand over blogger's IP address.

The top 10 IT disasters of all time.

Windows XP outshines Vista in benchmarking test. David Morgenstern: Macs that hate Adobe fonts, love Microsoft ones. Jason O'Grady: Handicapping Macworld Expo San Francisco '08.

Mary Jo Foley: Ray Ozzie MIA from Microsoft's Mix '08 line-up. The happiest Vista customers: Mac users?

Photos: Geeky gift--Shocking Tanks (right). News.com: Yahoo's Cyber Monday mess finally fixed. Yodel Anecdotal: Cyber Monday into Resolution Tuesday.

David Berlind: If Skype was disruptive to telcos, then Cubic Telecom is their nightmare (and good for you)

Online library offers 1.5 million works and counting Ryan Stewart: Silverlight 1.1 tools available for Visual Studio 2008. New Buzzword coming tomorrow.

IBM unveils customer service telecom software

Google to enter clean-energy business

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes: The big Alienware m9750 review.
Gallery (right). Joe McKendrick: SAP: there are two paths you can go by.

Google Lat Long: Explore new terrain.

Dave Greenfield: Eight Traits for Building Collaborative Teams

Dan Farber: Seven tenets of the information workspace

Dana Blankenhorn: IBM's push into medical services.

Greenpeace hands game industry low score.

FCC backs away from cable regulation plan Larry Dignan: Verizon Wireless to publish network technical details. Matthew Miller: So you can bring a Sprint phone to Verizon, what’s the big deal? Techmeme.

Christopher Dawson: The Devon IT thin clients are headed back, but thin really is in

Dell to offer Google search devices to businesses.

Dana Blankenhorn: Mulberry open source code is now out.

Ars Technica: New plastic optical fiber could solve the "last mile" conundrum. Larry Dignan: Mozilla patches Firefox latest protocol handling

bug; other items. Google’s Gdrive allegedly coming; Still late to the party.

Photos: Black Friday's hottest buys (right).

Roland Piquepaille: A cancer-resistant mouse? Reuters: Analog Devices net falls amid charges.

ReadWriteWeb: Brightcove Gives Up on Consumer Video.

Paul Murphy: The Personal computer as seen from Indianapolis, Wolfsburg, and points intermediate

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