News to know: Meet Google Office; iPhone settlement; Vista-IE security

Notable headlines:  Apple, Cisco settle iPhone trademark lawsuit. Techmeme discussion.

Notable headlines:  

Apple, Cisco settle iPhone trademark lawsuit. Techmeme discussion.

Donna Bogatin: Google undercuts Microsoft Office. Subscription-based Google Apps for businesses ready. Garett Rogers: Google Spreadsheets to get charts as early as tomorrow? Techmeme discussion.

David Berlind: Will Vista, IE security make the Web harder to use? Gallery (left).

Russell Shaw: BlackBerry patent would ease the pain of connections with peripheral devices.

Ryan Naraine: Anti-virus heavyweights missing from Vista-certified list. Is this the month of Firefox bugs?

Mitch Ratcliffe: The Great Vista/Mac Showdown: Goodbye, WinRot.

Limited choices for Windows XP holdouts.

Capitalism 2.0: The Linden dollar Game.

High court wrestles with software patent questions.

Larry Dignan: Salesforce promises ‘largest on-demand CRM customer ever’.

Mary Jo Foley: Linux Foundation’s Murdock: No secret deal with Microsoft. More than 100 Microsoft apps make the Vista-certified list. Why the Sharp languages still matter.

Knowledge@Wharton: Sustaining Corporate Growth Requires 'Big I' and 'small i' Innovation.

Ryan Naraine: As the worm squirms: Slammer still runs amok. Google Desktop hijack flaw fixed.

Ed Bott: Vista Hands On #6: Remove private information from a file.

Review: Dell XPS M1210 (at left). A new copyright battlefield: Veoh Networks.

Dana Gardner: IT Service Management enters new productivity era with pending arrival of ITIL v3.

AP: AOL Tacks Ad to Bottom of E-Mail

Russell Shaw: When in roam..think about Gizmo over GrandCentral. GrandCentral adds support for Gizmo VoIP number.

PhoneScoop: Dual-Sliding Messenger Phone for Helio Spotted on FCC Site.

Search scorecard: Google dominates, MSN up, Ask down.

Cisco spends $135 million on XML firm.

AP: AT&T Lands $1 Billion Contract From GM.

Computerworld: How IT Is Revitalizing Staff Skills.

Ed Burnette: SETI@home project finally finds something.


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