News to know: Meet the iPad; Oracle-Sun; Netflix, Google

The Apple iPad and the Oracle-Sun strategy top today's headlines
Written by Sam Diaz, Inactive

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Apple iPad coverage:

Sam Diaz: Meet the iPad: Apple goes aggressive; $499 lowest price point

Jason Hiner: Apple iPad: First thoughts on how it will impact business users

Andrew Nusca: Apple iPad tablet: Specs, features, price announced

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes: iPad - It's official!

Janice Chen: Is the Apple iPad really the best device for enjoying and sharing photography?

Larry Dignan: Apple takes on Amazon with iPad e-reader features, bookstore

Jason D. O'Grady: Apple iPad event: live coverage

Zack Whittaker: Apple iPad: Without a killer feature, it's just an overweight iPhone

Robin Harris: iPad: storage challenged


Adrian Kingsley-Hughes: iPad: So, who's gonna be buying one?

Joel Evans: Apple iPad: I can't justify buying it

Ed Burnette: Apple iPad: $499 gets you a powerful tablet for browsing, books, and apps

Jason Perlow: iPad 1.0: Early Adopters Beware

Jason D. O'Grady: Apple iPad: Cue the haters (updated 3x)

Andrew Nusca: Why Apple will sell millions of iPads in 2010

iPad Photo Galleries:

Non i-Pad Coverage

Larry Dignan: Oracle-Sun: Strategy set; Will buyers go for the integrated stack?

Larry Dignan: Netflix: Streaming adoption accelerates; Earnings follow suit

Garett Rogers: Google rolls out Social Search

Official Google Blog: Google's Privacy Principles

The Microsoft Blog: Microsoft & Internet Freedom

Joe McKendrick: SOA and cloud by the numbers: what the data tells us so far

Doug Hanchard: DHS finds solution to monitor nuclear safety in real time

Oliver Marks: Tax on What? Taxonomy on the Intranet

Dancho Danchev: Report: 48% of 22 million scanned computers infected with malware

Heather Clancy: Buying a new appliance? Check out this site to see if you are eligible for an energy-efficiency rebate

Christopher Dawson: Should I just build my own systems?

Dana Blankenhorn: Microsoft does delicate dance in health IT market

Mary Jo Foley: Early version of Windows Home Server 'Vail' leaks to the Web

More iPad coverage:

Larry Dignan: Apple's iPad: A year to gain steam and breakout in 2011?

Jason D. O'Grady: Apple iPad: HD video of the entire 90-minute event

Sam Diaz: Video: 60 seconds with the iPad

Paul Murphy: Quietly rejoicing

Jason D. O'Grady: Apple iPad: My take

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes: iPad: What's missing?

Larry Dignan: iPad's bottom line: specs and price

Ted Schadler: Apple's iPad will come into the enterprise through the consumer door. Again.

Jason D. O'Grady: Apple tablet: Is this it?

Andrew Nusca: What's inside the iPad and what it can do

Jennifer Leggio: Seriously, Apple, are you messing with me?

Jason D. O'Grady: Apple iPad: official pages up

Tom Formeski: Analysis: From e-media to i-media -- how Apple will dominate all digital media sales...

Larry Dignan: Steve Jobs demos iPad Web-browsing features

Jason D. O'Grady: Apple iPad: specifications (updated 2x)

Andrew Mager: Apple tablet: thoughts, and leaks, from around the web

Matthew Miller: UPDATE: Odds are good that the iPad will NOT replace my B&N nook

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes: Reminder: Live analysis of Apple's "Come See Our Latest Creation" event

Dana Blankenhorn: Apple tablet: Even open source developers love it

Dan Kusnetzky: Apple Tablet: Can Apple address issues with earlier generations of tablet devices?

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