News to know: Microsoft eyes Tellme; OneCare patched; TI; SXSW pix

Notable headlines: Sources say Microsoft near deal to buy Tellme. Dan Farber: Microsoft’s speech aspirations fulfilled?
Written by Larry Dignan, Contributor

Notable headlines: 

Sources say Microsoft near deal to buy Tellme. Dan Farber: Microsoft’s speech aspirations fulfilled? GigaOM: Tellme Price - $800 Million, or More.
Mary Jo Foley: Microsoft quietly patches Windows Live OneCare to fix Outlook problems.
Adrian Kingsley-Hughes:


Ryan Naraine: Should Microsoft downgrade Vista vulnerabilities? Vista vulnerable to ‘Sticky Keys’ backdoor. Old Windows kernel flaw comes back to bite.

GE chief: All engines go for alternative energy. Gallery (right).

Beet.TV: Defense Contractor has Analyzed, Transcribed and Organized 1.5 Millon YouTube Clips. Dan Farber: Podzinger transcribes and catalogs YouTube video.
Inkjet printers start cranking out microchips.
MacRumors: 8-core Mac Pro Leak at Apple UK? Computerworld: The great Mac software hunt.
Mary Jo Foley @ Convergence:

Ryan Stewart: The war for Ajax developers.
WSJ: How Search-Engine Rules Cause Sites to Go Missing.
Few glitches after daylight saving shift. Poll: DST, the final word.

Garett Rogers: New pictures of the Google Phone. Gmail storage counter disappearing for some?
Larry Dignan: Can this smiley (right) boost Ask’s search share?
IBM tool 'reads' Web video for blind.
David Berlind video: Why administrative accounts are actually Limited User Accounts in Vista.
AP: Texas Instruments tightens outlook.
Key executive e-mail missing in Intel-AMD suit.
Scenes from SXSW. Dan Rather (right) speaks at SXSW.
Computerworld: Outsourcing 2.0: The business rationale for exporting your job.
Dion Hinchcliffe: Encouraging Enterprise 2.0: As simple as possible, but no simpler?
NASA: Stereo Eclipse.
eWeek: Linux for beginners.

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