News to know: Microsoft patch 7-pack; H-1B; Java joy; Mozilla gets social

Notable headlines: Ryan Naraine: Microsoft fits 7 patches into .ANI emergency update.
Written by Larry Dignan, Contributor

Notable headlines:
Ryan Naraine: Microsoft fits 7 patches into .ANI emergency update. ANI attack update: Rootkits, 'Hot Britney pics' spam. Ed Burnette: Microsoft releases emergency patches.

Freed blogger calls release a victory.
Senate bill gives Americans preference for tech jobs. Larry Dignan: H-1B reform bill may push more work offshore.

Robin Harris: Protecting genetic storage.

Garett Rogers: Orkut photo albums ready for an upgrade.
Jason O'Grady: Garmin OS X Web Updater (right). Unofficial Apple Weblog: Google Desktop for the Mac 1.0.

Paul Murphy:
The joys of Java.

Photos (right): 'Quadski' maker eyes sporty military watercraft.

David Berlind: Should you switch your biz to Google's e-mail domain hosting service? We did.
Techmeme: Technorati for sale?
Sun speeds UltraSparc, but some analysts see trouble.
Gallery: Unboxing and testing the Apple TV

Mary Jo Foley:
About-face: Microsoft to make Expression Web, Blend available on MSDN. Ryan Stewart on the move.
FCC: In-flight cell phone ban to continue.
France celebrates train's new speed record in Cham
pagne. Photos (right).
Larry Dignan: Mozilla tinkers with in-browser social network.
Mozilla blog. Techcrunch on Mozilla impact on social sites.

Computerworld's Word 2007 cheat sheet.

Mary Jo Foley:
Whatever happened to that Vista Desktop Optimization Pack? Developers petition Microsoft to reconsider FoxPro phase out. Microsoft tweaks its overall product-support timing, delivery.

Compete Introduces Attention Statistics.
Can Google bring business intelligence to offline advertising? Donna Bogatin doesn't think so.

Dion Hinchcliffe:
More results on use of Web 2.0 in business emerge.

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