News to know: Microsoft Pipes; YouTube filtering; Web 2.0 Expo

Notable headlines:Mary Jo Foley: Move over, Yahoo Pipes. Microsoft readies its own Web 2.
Written by Larry Dignan, Contributor

Notable headlines:

Mary Jo Foley: Move over, Yahoo Pipes. Microsoft readies its own Web 2.0 mash-up tool. Is Microsoft's Cloud OS actually a Cloud DB?

Schmidt says YouTube 'very close' to filtering system. Russell Shaw on YouTube filtering

Intel unveils ‘Tolapai’ system on a chip roadmap.

Dan Farber: Web 2.0 Expo: WebEx Connect seeks developers. Amazon's S3 passes 5 billion objects stored (Bezos left). Ryan Stewart: 'View source' and Rich Internet Application misconceptions. Monday morning hangover: Adobe and Microsoft. Phil Wainewright: Putting webware on the webtop.

Days numbered for tax-free Net sales.

Sun, Fujitsu
to launch joint Sparc servers.

Russell Shaw: 74 Open Source VoIP apps- all in one place.
David Berlind: Zude’s drag-n-drop Web authoring/remixing make it the Switzerland of the social Web.
TheStreet.com: EMC profit rises.

Ryan Naraine: Microsoft advisories giving clues to hackers.

Attack code raises Windows DNS zero-day risk.
New IM worm targets Skype users.

Review: Adobe Dreamweaver CS3 (left).

David Berlind:
Posting your Microsoft license keys to Web not the brightest thing to do.

Ed Bott: More details about Vista's startup times. Photos: How to create a Windows Vista VPN connection (right).

Gallery: Windows Vista Remote Desktop Connection (left).
Journalists look to bloggers for Virginia Tech story. Techmeme discussion.
Symantec enters online services fray.
Start-up looks to open source as business model.
Larry Dignan: Oracle's service packs meet SOA.
Google makes offline ad headway. Microsoft statement on Google's DoubleClick deal. Techmeme discussion.
Adobe's Creative Suite 3 hits store shelves.

Mary Jo Foley:
Microsoft to help other software vendors go the SaaS route.

Intel R&D on slow boat to China. Photos: Intel's China chip site (right).
Russell Shaw: Why I doubt Skype for Enterprise's short-term chances for large-scale success.

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes:
Ubuntu Version 7.04 availble for download on April 19. Sony really sucks at DRM.
NBC, News Corp. sign video deal with Comcast.

Nokia makes push for mobile TV, widget development
Engadget: 8-core Mac Pro hands-on, Apple NAB booth tour.

Steve O'Hear: Brands in Second Life. Gallery (right).
Computerworld: Domain Name System shows signs of stress from financial maneuvering.

Roland Piquepaille
: Super-light crystals for clean energy?
Americans mixed about constant Net access, poll finds.

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