News to know: Microsoft profit boom; Vista sells; Leopard; Classmate PC

Notable headlines:Mary Jo Foley: Microsoft addresses new reports of forced Windows updates and reboots. Windows Vista: More than 88 million copies sold.

Notable headlines:

Mary Jo Foley: Microsoft addresses new reports of forced Windows updates and reboots. Windows Vista: More than 88 million copies sold. Larry Dignan: Microsoft reports impressive fiscal first quarter. Techmeme.

David Morgenstern: Leopard’s search Spotlight aims for sharper focus. Jason O'Grady: Poor

iPod touch battery life (updated). Gallery: Cracking open the iPod Nano (right).

Computerworld: In Depth: Apple's Leopard leaps to new heights.

Ryan Stewart: Mozilla moves closer to the desktop with 'Prism'. Larry Dignan: Vonage settles patent flap with Verizon. Russell Shaw: Vonage settles patent suit with Verizon for no more than $120 million: now they'll turn to AT&T. Security firm: Hackers can divert Vonage calls.

BEA: We’re worth $21 a share. Oracle to BEA: $17 per share–take it or leave it.

Garett Rogers: YouTube lets us preview their new website.

Michael Krigsman: IT success: CA fire-fighting infrastructure. Robin Harris: Beware fake memory cards.

Ryan Naraine: Trend Micro makes DLP move, Symantec stands pat.

Heather Clancy: Are screensavers endangered? offers tips on better PC power management.

Comcast feeling the heat from competition. George Ou: AT&T DSL setup hell--where did my public IP go?

Dana Blankenhorn: Digital signatures at heart of health care reform debate. Will patients opt-out of shared health records?

Techdirt: An Open Letter To Jeff Bezos: Please Stop Pissing Off People Over Amazon Prime.

Coming soon: Windows on XO laptops.

Christopher Dawson: I’m typing this on a Classmate PC. Photos: Classmate PC--first impressions (right). Your Classmate PC questions answered.

Motorola shares rise after profit beats estimates.

David Berlind: Interop's 'dirty air' makes a perfect testing ground for Fluke's wireless EtherScope. From Interop, video of Plat' Home's Linux Server that fits in the palm of your hand. Avistar's videoconf client does multiple streams, dynamically throttles bandwidth usage. Red Hat voices concerns over Microsoft patent model.

Dan Farber: Sun/NetApp patent dispute heats up.

Phil Wainewright: On the bleeding edge of platform-as-a-service.

Larry Dignan: The virtualization market: The real scrum is just beginning.

Facebook: Another $500 million in the coffers? Adobe Creative Suite 3 sales 'on fire'


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