News to know: Microsoft security; Sun's rapid patch; Vista clean install

Notable headlines:Hacker, Microsoft duke it out over Vista design flaw. What the UAC 'hole' is really about.
Written by Larry Dignan, Contributor

Notable headlines:

Hacker, Microsoft duke it out over Vista design flaw. What the UAC 'hole' is really about.

Sun rushes out patch for Solaris Telnet exploit.

Patch Day coverage:

Microsoft’s Patch Day: Is there a better way?

MS Patch Tuesday: 12 bulletins, 6 critical, 20 vulnerabilities.

No Vista fixes in Microsoft's dirty dozen.

Vista passes its first Patch Tuesday test.

More memory coming to future IBM chips.

Vista Hands On #2: A no-fuss, nondestructive clean install.

YouTube Hands Over User’s Info to Fox.
Identity-theft risk greatest in major cities.
Dual-screen laptop sees double.

Symantec's Thompson: No Vista for me.

Google Flags Pages that Install Malicious Software.

Hackers discover HD DVD and Blu-ray "processing key" -- all HD titles now exposed. AACS - BUSTED!

The Great Vista/Mac Showdown: Wide Area Wait? Gallery:
Vista Sprint EV-DO Workaround
Microsoft tries to stuff the Windows 7 genie back in the bottle.

Wikia opens new "magazine rack" websites.

'Why I don't believe Steve Jobs'
Yahoo! Pipes tutorial: Build an RSS mashup. Gallery: Building an RSS mashup with Yahoo! Pipes.
Adobe’s expanding mobile world.
Alum calculates 116 million digits to break world record.

Feds seek middle ground in Net neutrality feud.
Social-Networking Sites Open Up.
Google Loses Copyright Case, Drops Belgian Links. Google suffers setback in copyright case. Google gets defensive, all over the world. About the Copiepresse decision.

No 'Second Life' for Microsoft's Vista.

Mobile social network on a VC shoestring: Exclusive
Trilibis CEO interview
Red Hat joins Microsoft interop initiative. Open-source firms team up for interoperability.

Updating Windows Mobile-powered devices for the new Daylight Saving Time.

Here’s a complete Bla

ckBerry 8800 spec sheet.

Embedded development gains some RAD milestones.

Review: Microsoft PowerPoint 2007.

Donate your spare clock cycles to a good cause.
Lost VA hard drive may have held 1.8M IDs.

Analyst: Red Hat doesn’t sweat Microsoft-Novell.

Start-up SpikeSource bulks up, warms to Ubuntu.

Applied Materials 1Q Profit Up.

How Good Are Zillow's Estimates?

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