News to know: Microsoft vs. DOJ, Google; Ubuntu media support; Zoho; Motorola CTO

Notable headlines:Mary Jo Foley: Microsoft to address Google search complaint in Vista SP1. Microsoft agrees to change Vista desktop search.

Notable headlines:

Mary Jo Foley: Microsoft to address Google search complaint in Vista SP1. Microsoft agrees to change Vista desktop search.

Microsoft bails on Vista virtualization licensing changes. The virtualization flip flop.

Gallery (right):

Media support in Ubuntu 7.04 Feisty Fawn.

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes: The key to getting more Windows users to switch to Linux. Marc Wagner: Linux/OSS developers: Stop following and start leading. Chris Dawson: Making “hamburger of Microsoft’s cash cow.”

David Berlind: Scrounging around Enterprise 2.0 on Boston’s waterfront. Commercial developer reports 35% of coding time spent on IE/FireFox incompatibilities.

Dan Farber: Zoho sets out to challenge the software world. Google gobbles up Zenter; Google Office set. Google blog. Garett Rogers: Google acquires Zenter for presentations.

Times of London: News Corp explores swap of MySpace site for Yahoo! stake. Mitch Ratcliffe: Where social networks will take us.

Roland Piquepaille: Interview: Mot

orola CTO Padmasree Warrior.

Images: Looking for a few good Martians.

Ryan Naraine: Firefox narrows patch deployment window.

Trillian critical security update released. Ryan Naraine: Does Trillian have a crapware problem? Computerworld: Can 'cyberinsurance' protect you from data breach catastrophe?

AT&T's CEO touts a wireless future.

Russell Shaw@NXTComm:

Dave Winer: What to doo with Yahoo?

Google: Add your reviews to businesses on Google Maps.

Mary Jo Foley: SharePoint: Microsoft's Web 2.0 hub. David Berlind: The Gears that could 'augur the death of Microsoft.'

Dan Farber: The evolving Office suite landscape.

Ryan Stewart: A Rich Internet Application for creating your own video game. Do new verticals need a killer desktop application?

Andrew Keen: Nick Carr’s Big Switch. George Ou: The role of 802.11n in the Enterprise.

Ars Technica: Study: Inkjet printers are filthy, lying thieves.

Google launches YouTube local language sites. Garret Rogers: YouTube launches in 9 countries. Techmeme.

EFF: Court Protects Email from Secret Government Searches.

Safari ushers in better browser colors.

Dana Blankenhorn: The power to fight Microsoft is IBM. Joe McKendrick: Really big, monolithic SOA.

Larry Dignan: Opera Mini 4 beta zooms in for download. Gallery. Matthew Miller: Opera Mini 4: who needs an iPhone for mobile web browsing?

Jason O'Grady: Refurbished MacBook for US$109.

Russell Shaw: New BlackBerry Pearl to have 3.2 MP camera, not 2.0.

Ryan Stewart: Silverlight to run on Linux as early as this week.


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