News to know: Microsoft's Hyper-V and reorg; NetSuite; Cisco patches; MacBook Air diary

Notable headlines:Mary Jo Foley: Review: Microsoft’s Hyper-V puts VMWare and Linux on noticeDana Gardner: Merger target suspect Citrix assembles virtualization products as Delivery CenterDan Kusnetzky: Why is the concept of virtual machine software so sticky?
Written by Larry Dignan, Contributor

Notable headlines:

Mary Jo Foley: Review: Microsoft’s Hyper-V puts VMWare and Linux on notice

Former Microsoft mobile chief joins Vodafone

Microsoft reorg: Who’s in; who’s out

Slideshow on Microsoft's Valentine's Day Reorg: Who's Hot and Who's Not (right)

Dennis Howlett: NetSuite bullish on SaaS, swipes at SAP, Microsoft and Sage

Phil Wainewright: Microsoft in a twist over SaaSy Office deal

Larry Dignan: Cisco patches multiple vulnerabilities in IP phones Exploit code surfaces for Microsoft Works, QuickTime

Richard Stiennon: Ben Edelman targets C-NetMedia

Christopher Dawson: RIAA gets student names, can't do much with them

Jason O'Grady: MacBook Air Diary-Day 15: Temperature benchmarks

Matthew Miller@Mobile World Congress: The XPERIA X1 is one slick Windows Mobile device

Ed Bott: More Vista SP1 answers

Janice Chen: What to do with your old digital camera--reuse, reduce, recycle!

Roland Piquepaille: Hydrogen-powered cars with zero-carbon-emission?

Russell Shaw: Flippin' off Microsoft: Patent app describes fingerflip-powered document navigation

Robert Scoble: Microsoft researchers make me cry

Michael Krigsman: Three risk categories that explain IT failure

Larry Dignan: SAP-Oracle case headed to mediation

Cable vs. FTTP competition may mean 42 cents off your bill

Seesmic raises $6 million in funding

Rik Fairlie: Build your own Windows Home Server for only $380

Harry Fuller: Damn the recession, full speed ahead for a green tech IPO? Happy Valentine's Day: your home is toxic

Paula Rooney: Red Hat launches JBoss Enterprise SOA Platform, 3 ne

w open source projects Joe McKendrick: Now raging: battle for the soul of JBoss

Dana Blankenhorn: The scaling problem and open source

Who gave SCO that $100 million lifeline?

RIM: BlackBerry's future lies in social networking Dan Farber: 2009: The year of enterprise social networks

Gallery: New Android UI (right)

James Farrar: US Productivity Slip, A Threat to Sustainability?

Electronista: PS3 sales to outsell Xbox in 2008

Ryan Stewart: Zimbra's Prism client - a great use case for RIAs on the desktop

Dave Greenfield: Join Me for Team Building in SecondLife

Mobile industry sees new security risks

BT, Carphone, Virgin Media sign on to ad exchange

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