News to know: Microsoft's layoffs, Google's profits, Win7 netbooks, White House tech

Here are today’s notable headlines. You can get News To Know via email alert and RSS daily.
Written by Sam Diaz, Inactive

Here are today’s notable headlines. You can get News To Know via email alert and RSS daily.  For continuous updates see BNET’s around-the-Web tech coverage.

Larry Dignan: Microsoft: 'We are not immune' to economy; Cuts 5,000 jobs; Earnings fall short

Sam Diaz: Google reports strong Q4; announces employee stock option exchange

Mary Jo Foley:  Microsoft seeking Win 7 testers for netbooks?

Mary Jo Foley: Microsoft blames netbook appeal, marketing costs for Windows drop

Andrew Nusca: Obama staff: White House in tech 'dark ages'

Richard Koman: White House is IT backwater

Sam Diaz: Advice for Obama: Keep the Blackberry; Get a Mac

Oliver Marks: Obama Memorandum - Transparency and Open Government: Collaborate!

Matthew Miller: Palm Treo Pro available from Sprint

Sam Diaz: Steve's Apple: 35,000 "wicked smart" people will keep things humming

Reuters: Sony warns of $2.9 billion loss

Andrew Nusca: New Storm OS beta leaked, includes portrait QWERTY?

Heather Clancy:  Green kitchen tech program now overseen by independent advisors

Mary Jo Foley: Mcrosoft to merge Windows Live and Office Live

Zack Whittaker: Windows 7: taming (and tweaking) the beast within

Sam Diaz:  RIM's co-CEOs face record fines in options backdating matter

Larry Dignan: Polycom: Travel budgets, green tech driving video conferencing

John Morris: Quad-core price war breaks out

Michael Krigsman: 10 steps to prevent IT myopia

Dennis Howlett: SAP cans SAPPHIRE Europe

Zack Whittaker:University students sends city of Canterbury to the dial-up age

Matthew Miller:  HTC announces an updated Touch Cruise, new software on old hardware

Jason Hiner: U.S. 3G broadband comparison crowns a surprise winner ... Sprint

Zack Whittaker: Ethical hacking: the next generation security specialists

Andrew Nusca: Best. Lenovo. Ad. Ever? Harry Fuller:What is my breakfast orange juice doing to our planet?

Ryan Naraine: Mac OS X Malware found in pirated Apple iWork 09

Dennis Howlett: Enterprise meltdown?

Jennifer Leggio: NHL digital roll-out drumbeats to All Star Game

Jason Perlow: My BlackBerry is an Obese Glutton

Dana Gardner: Case study: IT repositories help Wachovia manage change amid complex bank consolidation

Paula Rooney: Alfresco launches new community edition, web design tool for CMS

Jason D. O'Grady: Pirated version of iWork '09 may contain a Trojan

Dancho Danchev:  GPU-Accelerated Wi-Fi password cracking goes mainstream

Tom Foremski: Thanks for all the fish - cash rich tech companies fire workers

Dana Blankenhorn: $20 billion is the number on health IT stimulus

Jason D. O'Grady:  Developer drops app pricing to 99¢, asks for donations

Joe McKendrick: SOA repositories pave the way for financial mergers

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