News to know: Microsoft's new UI; Copyright crossroads; Apple megapatch

Notable headlines:Mary Jo Foley: Microsoft shows off its future business-app user interfaces. Gallery (right).
Written by Larry Dignan, Contributor

Notable headlines:

Mary Jo Foley: Microsoft
shows off its future business-app user interfaces. Gallery (right). Windows Server 2003 SP2 is out.

Microsoft's 'Project Green' still alive and kicking.

Microsoft to release FoxPro ‘Sedna’ as Shared Source.

Viacom vs. YouTube

Apple megapatch plugs 45 security holes.
Federal agencies ban Windows Vista.

Wired News: Exclusive: MySpace News Pics.

Ed Bott: Vista Hands On #11: Manage partitions during setup (below).

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes: Dell still trying to figure out what customers want. Survey: Dell wants your Linux advice.

GigaOm: Is Google Changing Its Position on Net Neutrality?
John Battelle: A Modest Proposal To YHOO and MSFT: Spin Out A Search Company.

Battery start-up speeds toward trucks, data centers.
Baseline: Top 10 Technology Projects in '07.
AP: Symantec Shares Fall After Analyst Note.

places new focus on sustainable electronics.
BMC CEO: What IT really needs to learn about tech.

Jason O'Grady: Apple releases Mac OS 10.4.9. Another swollen MacBook Pro battery (below).

Marc Orchant:
How I solved my Outlook-Google Calendar issues.

Is computer science dead?

For 2007, Portals Are Back, Pageviews Are Dead: Report.

Danny Sullivan: SEO: Real Skills That Can Protect Your Traffic.
Bud.TV guzzled money, then passed out.

New Web Order: OpenID
: Too many providers, not enough consumers.
Dan Farber: Goldman Sachs IT spending survey: Winners and losers.
Larry Dignan: IBM’s Palmisano made $24.46 million in 2006. Donna Bogatin: SaaS: IBM helps drive $10 billion Software as a Service opportunity.
AP: Your New ID-Theft Worry? Photocopiers.
Roland Piquepaille: Nanoparticles reveal fingerprints.

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