News to know: MS Office; Fake H1N1; AT&T; Dell; Nokia

A Microsoft Office promotion, fake H1N1 alerts and AT&T's Verizon lawsuit are among today's top headlines.
Written by Larry Dignan, Contributor

Here are today’s notable headlines. You can get News To Knowvia email alert andRSS daily. For continuous updates see BNET’saround-the-Web tech coverage:

Mary Jo Foley: Microsoft's latest promotion: Buy Office 2007 now; get Office 2010 for free

Ryan Naraine: Fake H1N1 (Swine Flu) alerts lead to malware

Sam Diaz: AT&T drops Verizon 3G lawsuit but bad publicity lives on

Andrew Nusca: Dell updates thermal algorithms in response to CPU throttling concerns

Nokia makes big bet on 2010: Symbian UI milestones, Maemo 6 computer coming

Top 20 tough iPhone cases (right)

Matthew Miller: HP iPAQ Glisten brings an OLED display to a forward QWERTY device

Sam Diaz: Supernova: Can Social Media be the "savior" of privacy?

Tech Trader Daily: Apple: Will iPhone Force Carriers To Adopt Metered Data Pricing?

TechRepublic: 10 Linux features Windows should have by default

Heather Clancy: What, two "greenest" data centers in the same week?

Yahoo: Update once to share with many on Yahoo! and Facebook

Doug Hanchard: War goes mainstream on the Internet, Facebook and Twitter

Dana Gardner: BriefingsDirect analysts unpack the psychology of project management via 'Pragmatic Enterprise 2.0' and SOA

Matthew Miller: Intel Atom Developer's Program beta SDK now available

Dana Blankenhorn: 11 open source business models

Boy Genius Report: Motorola Sholes Tablet gets pictured

Andrew Nusca: 2011 Audi A8 adds handwriting recognition to in-car UI

Podcast: Windows 7 early returns

Smart Planet: The Sustainability Journey: Life in the Yoga House

Jennifer Leggio: New privacy, shmivacy - Facebook photo tagging still a big fail

MIchael Krigsman: IT Failures blog recognition

Christopher Dawson: Admin fired for incompetence, not alien search

Ed Bott: What the "Black screen of death" story says about tech journalism

AppleInsider: Apple tablet rumored to be ‘shockingly’ inexpensive

Steve Case: Time Warner-AOL deal still makes sense (on the white board)

Bloomberg: GameStop Falls Most in S&P 500 After Walmart Cuts Game Prices

Larry Dignan: Zoho integrates Google Docs: A nice strategy

That giant sucking sound: Sun's server share continues to deteriorate

Google: Search and gated content happy publishers aren't zero sum

Sean Portnoy: Wal-Mart extends Cyber Monday deals on 1080p HDTVs

Are manufacturers shifting resources away from GPS navigation devices?

Intel demos 48-core chip

5 security threats to watch in 2010

Dan Kusnetzky: Responding to "Getting started with Virtualization"

Dana Blankenhorn: A modest proposal to transform health care

Oliver Marks: Flip Video WiFi TV Hookup & FlipShare 5.0 Software

Rachel King: FlipShare TV service launches Flip videos to your TV

Acer announces first Google Chrome OS netbook

Diaz: Can a black eye from Consumer Reports harm AT&T, iPhone?

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