News to know: Office bloat; IE history; Google patents; Cloud computing

Notable headlines:Dinosaur Sightings: A visual history of Internet Explorer from 1 to 7 (right).George Ou: MS Office 2007 versus Open Office 2.

Notable headlines:

Dinosaur Sightings: A visual history of Internet Explorer from 1 to 7 (right).

George Ou: MS Office 2007 versus Open Office 2.2 shootout. Office feature bloat is no skin off my nose.

David Berlind: Office bloat may not affect the skin on George's nose. But, about that skin in his wallet....

Office, Vista launches boost Microsoft sales. Mary Jo Foley: Vista sales strong: Ballmer can breathe a sigh of relief. Techmeme on earnings.

Russell Shaw:
Four new Google patent apps reflect major search rank methodology changes. Donna Bogatin: Google's Matt Cutts SERP quality scoring patent? What it means.

A cloudy forecast:


Ed Bott: Microsoft hits a home run with Windows Home Server. Gallery (right).

Larry Dignan: Are businesses getting complacent on security? Green IT: Why it matters.

MarketWatch: AT&T CEO to get $158.5 million pension.

Christopher Lawson: Will $60 billion make U.S. education competitive?

Ryan Stewart:
What's next for OpenLaszlo?

Review: Seagate FreeAgent Pro USB/eSATA/FireWire external hard drive (750GB).

Donna Bogatin:
Google pressures power companies for data center exemptions. CBS Radio to Google, YouTube: No thanks, we built TargetSpot!

AP: MySpace launches in China.

Alan Graham: Dot Mac Dead?

TechCrunch: AOL One Step Behind Again: New Home Page Identical To Yahoo.

Office 2003 to get security upgrade. Schneier questions need for security industry.

WSJ: PlayStation Creator Resigns As Chief of Sony Unit.
Sony announces video chat add-on for PS3.

Photos: DIY Robots from recipes (right).

Garett Rogers: Picasa version 2.7 released.

Russell Shaw: BlackBerry patent would save battery life by adding ambient light as screen backlight source.

Amazon shares up nearly $20 in two days.