News to know: Open source court victory; Surveillance; SAP; VMware

Notable headlines:Tom Steinert-Threlkeld: Police Surveillance: Go Snoop, YourselfOlympics Victor: NBC, Over YouTubeLessig blog: Huge and important news: free licenses upheldNYT: Ruling Is a Victory for Supporters of Free SoftwareAdrian Kingsley-Hughes: Are "instant on" notebooks the future?EIC podcast: Kindle; iPhone; Dell; IDFDana Blankenhorn: No retail channel for laptop LinuxWho owns the Internet?
Written by Larry Dignan, Contributor

Notable headlines:

Tom Steinert-Threlkeld: Police Surveillance: Go Snoop, Yourself

Lessig blog: Huge and important news: free licenses upheld

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes: Are "instant on" notebooks the future?

EIC podcast: Kindle; iPhone; Dell; IDF

Dana Blankenhorn: No retail channel for laptop Linux

Who owns the Internet?

Dennis Howlett: SAP BusinessOne v Microsoft: SAP wins for VARs

Sam Diaz: Patent suit targets company being acquired by Microsoft

Digital Daily: Boom: Apple Worth More Than Google

VMware bug causes worldwide disruption

Images: Where particles, physics theories collide

HSBC could order 200,000 iPhones

TechRepublic: Poll: Would you trust your users in a hostile network environment?

Matt Asay: Microsoft gets a ‘Blue Screen of Death’ medal in Beijing

The Register: Security researchers' accounts ransacked in embarrasing hacklash

Paul Murphy: Development environments: Microsoft vs. Open Source

Zack Whittaker: Video commenting hitting the information highway

Garett Rogers: Google adds two new features to Gmail for Google Apps

Roland Piquepaille: Exclusive: A robot with a biological brain

Heather Clancy: Dabbler or Optimizer? Consulting company comes out with model that rates your org's green credentials

Mary Jo Foley: Surface tabletops debut at select Sheratons

Silicon Alley Insider: YouTube Not Getting Into Live Streaming, After All (GOOG)

Richard Koman: Campaign 08: H1-B questions for candidates

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes: How hot should my NVIDIA GPU be?

Ryan Naraine: Joomla hit by critical password-reset forgery flaw

Photos: Hydrogen Road Tour gets into gear

Larry Dignan: Sourcing offshore: Cultural hurdles abound

Dana Gardner: Borland's own 'journey' to Agile forms foundation for new software delivery management solutions

Matthew Miller: Rumored BlackBerry 8350i to include both WiFi and GPS

Christopher Dawson: Got any old iMacs laying around?

Jason O'Grady: iPhone 3G issues blamed on Infineon chips

Ryan Naraine: L0pht hacker stars in Discovery Channel TV show

Photos: Prototyping for TV (right)

Dana Blankenhorn: Where 10 percent inflation is the good news

John Morris: Dell shakes up its Latitude laptops

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