News to know: Oracle gets SaaSy; Vista SP1; Alienware; Supercomputing

Notable headlines:Phil Wainewright: Oracle goes for the CRM jugular. Dennis Howlett: @oow: on following Oracle OpenWorld.
Written by Larry Dignan, Contributor

Notable headlines:

Phil Wainewright: Oracle goes for the CRM jugular. Dennis Howlett: @oow: on following Oracle OpenWorld. Mary Jo Foley: More signs of a new Vista SP1 build waiting in the wings. Exchange 2007 Service Pack 1 is ready to roll. Microsoft readying a Flickr killer? Maybe more of an iLife competitor.

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes: My Alienware Experience - Amazing gaming system.

Ed Burnette: SC07 Day 1: Supercomputers and... Pikachu?

Ryan Stewart: Curl version 6 goes public beta, lots of new features.

Jason O'Grady: WiebeTECH Drive Erazer.

New York Times:  Will Success, or All That Money From Google, Spoil Firefox? Michael Krigsman: Most security breaches caused by careless human error. Ryan Naraine: Firefox feature introduces danger. Roland Piquepaille: Stop the botnets.

'Botmaster' admits infecting 250,000 computers. Infamous Russian malware gang vanishes.

D-Wave's quantum computer ready for latest demo.

Photos: Dissecting a hard drive.

Northeastern sues Google over search patent.

Garett Rogers: Google Talk soon to work with AIM. Thoughts on Google accounts. Ed Burnette: Gmail bumps free email storage to 4.7GB.

The Register: Tumbleweeds outnumber punters

, as iPhone's First Night flops. Russell Shaw: Europe to iPhone so far: Yawn.

Dana Blankenhorn: Can WiMAX be saved? Larry Dignan: WiMax on the rocks: Sprint-Clearwire pact unravels.

Democrats: Colleges must police copyright, or else.

VOIP Blog: Rumor mill: Google acquiring Sprint.

Image Gallery: T-Mobile Shadow (right).

Dana Gardner: Software AG and Cognos bring BI and BPM into common orbit.

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes: My Alienware Experience begins.

Mary Jo Foley: Another Microsoft Search reorg: Shum now leads engineering. Microsoft Surface tabletops delayed until spring 2008. Microsoft makes refurbished PCs its latest WGA anti-piracy target.

Dive Into Mark: Installing MySQL on Ubuntu.

Roland Piquepaille: Taking STM images 100 times faster.

George Ou: $60 Via motherboard and C7-D 1.5 GHz CPU bundles OS and Google apps. 24" LCD 1920x1200 displays now mainstream at below $300.

Mashable: Exclusive: NBC Launches TV Down

loads Service.

Larry Dignan: Yahoo's social networking strategy: Connect the network profile dots.

Russell Shaw: Black Cherry, Strawberry: not only cola flavors but target of BlackBerry trademark suit.

Photos: Top 10 reviews of the week (right).

Harry Fuller: Got a new computer desk? Don't inhale.

Dave Greenfield: The Ultimate Time Management System.

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