News to know: Oracle goes shopping; Dell's new focus; Google and click fraud

Notable headlines:Larry Dignan: Oracle kicks off business intelligence consolidation.Dana Gardner: Oracle and Hyperion combo moves them closer to the ultimate business dashboard.
Written by Larry Dignan, Contributor

Notable headlines:

Larry Dignan: Oracle kicks off business intelligence consolidation.
Dana Gardner: Oracle and Hyperion combo moves them closer to the ultimate business dashboard.
Inside AdWords: Invalid Clicks – Google’s Overall Numbers. Larry Dignan: Google: Click fraud costs us $1 billion a year.
Dell's new focus: Don't look back. ArsTechnica: Why Dell and other major hardware vendors won't do desktop Linux preinstallation.
Mary Jo Foley: Microsoft to charge for Daylight Saving hotfixes for older products.
George Ou: Beware of hard-coding issues in Vista user folders. Ed Bott: Vista Hands On #8: Delay activation.

Lenovo X60 Tablet PC
(right) road test begins.
Adobe to take Photoshop online.
Black Hat:

Ryan Naraine: Black Hat RFID talk back on, with deletions. Vista’s ASLR not so random, but does it matter?
Symantec sizes up security in Windows Vista.
Symantec incorrectly flags Yahoo Mail as a virus.
PC hardware can pose rootkit threat.Cybercops drowning in data.

Computerworld: Lose unwanted gigabytes overnight.

David Berlind: AMD claims its ATI R600 is primed, ready to beat NVidia’s 8800.
Garett Rogers: Google Maps gets real time traffic information. Techmeme discussion.
Mary Jo Foley: Microsoft: Why the ODF vs. OOXML battle matters. California may adopt OpenDocument.

Dan Farber: Intel
rides the datacenter build out wave. Intel, AMD vie for server attention.
HP denies pretexting former employee. Lawyer for former HP chairman vows revenge on Perkins.

Reuters: Nortel
to restate 2004, 2005, 2006 res


Larry Dignan:
Old media’s unwinnable YouTube war. Techmeme discussion.

teams up with Google over gadgets.
Matthew Miller: Nokia S60 VoIP support is way ahead of Windows Mobile. Images (right).
Two visions for delivering PCs to emerging nations.
John Spooner: Intel doesn’t see much need to cut prices.
Larry Dignan: Home Depot plots IT, supply chain improvements.

Roland Piquepaille:
A 50-terabyte database of brain maps.

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