News to know: Oracle vs. SAP; YouTube battle; Crowdsourcing

Notable headlines:Motion-sensing comes to mobile phones. Gallery (right).

Notable headlines:

Motion-sensing comes to mobile phones.

Gallery (right).

Larry Dignan: Oracle sues SAP; alleges ‘corporate theft on a grand scale." Full complaint. Joshua Greenbaum: The Lawsuit As Barometer: SAP Finally Scores Big with TomorrowNow.

NBC, News Corp. push new Web rival to YouTube. 'NewTube': Will video content really be king? MSN Soapbox: No longer going it alone against YouTube. TechCrunch: Dear Clown Co.: Name This Thing Fast Before Its Too Late. Zucker & Chernin vs. YouTube: Sink or swim? YouTube Outfoxes TV Foes. Techmeme discussion.

Ryan Naraine: Microsoft:
Windows Vista safer than the competition. Nevertheless, NIST banned Vista. Here's why. Meanwhile, Jason O'Grady reports the NSA issues a Mac security guide. Securing OS X 10.4: Tips from Apple, NSA. And Ed Bott notes the sorry state of security software.

WSJ on Onion's video service: Press 'Play' for Satire.

ReadWrite Web: Crowdsourcing:
A Million Heads is Better than One. Steve O'Hear: 'A Swarm of Angels' crowdsourcing film production.

Dell plans virtualization-oriented server.

Palm: Revenue up, earnings down. Judge halts patent case against Palm.

Computerworld: Ten dangerous claims about smartphone security.

Paul Murphy: Unix disrupts organizations by flattening hierarchies.

Networkworld: Bill Gates to finally receive his Harvard degree.

Garett Rogers: Google Maps adds new support for GeoRSS and KML. Google Maps official blog.

Companies like Web 2.0 tech--but from big vendors

Are You an Extreme CIO?

HP to acquire photo start-up Tabblo.

David Berlind Video: Is it time to throw away your servers? On the eve of a Vista-compatible Photoshop (and other Adobe apps), what are your options?

Mary Jo Foley: Surprise: Microsoft's DSI is not dead. Are Exchange Live and SharePoint Live just around the corner?

EBGames: Pink Zune coming soon (EBGames photo right)

Dana Gardner: Partners use Amazon EC2 and S3 to move the needle on infrastructure as a service.

AT&T IPTV now coming to your PC.


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