News to know: Palm; Citibank; Apple; smartphones; Windows support;

Palm's wipeout and Citibank's blog faux pas top today's headlines
Written by Sam Diaz, Inactive

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Larry Dignan: Palm's wipeout: Revenue will be 'well below' forecasts as consumers balk

Jennifer Leggio: Citibank's big blog faux pas [updated]

Bloomberg: Apple Chief Jobs Prefers Holding Cash to Dividends

Sam Diaz: Mobile workers prefer smartphones over notebooks, iPhones over Blackberry

Mary Jo Foley: Support end dates for Windows Vista, XP SP2, Windows 2000: Mark your calendars

Dave Greenfield: Wiki Collaboration Meets Click to Call

Tom Foremski: The Korean solution to Google's Italy problem

Zack Whittaker: Google vs. Microsoft: Number wars, students as weapons

Wall Street Journal: Silicon Valley Is Not Wall Street

Ed Bott: Does that new Windows Activation update really 'phone home'?

Tom Foremski: Wow. Survey shows nearly one-third of journalists don't use social media or read blogs

Paula Rooney: Novell would be wise to support Xen and KVM

CNET: Pandora spurs music sales; Spotify not so much

Brian Sommer: The Inadvertent Freelancer (part 2): How to Sell

Mary Jo Foley: Microsoft adds Panasonic to its exFAT licensee list

Jason D. O'Grady: Episode 127: PowerPage Podcast

Larry Dignan: Garmin: Why it has to chase the nuvifone dream

Heather Clancy: What do consumers think of the smart grid? Um, not much

AdMob Metrics: January 2010 Mobile Metrics Report

Dana Blankenhorn: The Open Source Innovation Backbone is SaaSy

Tom Foremski: Does Italy think Google is a media company?

Zack Whittaker: PowerPoint 2010: Broadcasting presentations over the web

Heather Clancy: Industry, Big Apple trying to negotiate settlement in e-waste case

Dana Blankenhorn: The real value in the Wakefield autism study

Tom Foremski: Intel alliance with TSMC "fizzles" - bad news for Atom versus ARM in smartphones

Doug Hanchard: Assistant Principal at Lower Merion School District denies spying on students

Ryan Naraine: Microsoft's 'Operation b49' chokes Waledac botnet

Dana Gardner: Citrix Online acquires Paglo, launches GoToManage to tear down IT management boundaries for the cloud era

Mary Jo Foley: Should Windows get the 'Metro' Windows Phone 7 interface?

Robin Harris: ZFS data integrity tested

Rachel King: Pentax debuts ultra-durable Optio W90; will sell at $330

CNET: Next Firefox to drop Mac OS X 10.4 support

ZDNet Asia: Cisco embarks on media-centric Internet thrust

Heather Clancy: Tech companies plan green IT economic summit near Washington

Dana Blankenhorn: Does Microsoft want a Linux trial?

Mary Jo Foley: Microsoft shares more details on Windows Phone Starter Edition

Larry Dignan: iPhone, iPod touch users power Apple's word-of-mouth momentum

Are SaaS Stocks Overvalued?

Larry Dignan: Server sales show signs of life in the fourth quarter; IBM remains top dog

Dan Kusnetzky: Priacta, herding cats and action management

Heather Clancy: The Bloom Box: Kind of like Legos for building a power 'server'

Dan Kusnetzky: CA acquires 3Tera while building cloud management portfolio

Podcast: Can Windows Phone 7 get Microsoft back in the smartphone game?

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