News to know: Palm for sale; WordPress hacked; Windows Live VP to resign

Notable headlines:Mary Jo Foley: Microsoft Windows Live VP to resign. Microsoft Dynamics team to take on Microsoft-SAP ‘Duet’?
Written by Larry Dignan, Contributor
Notable headlines:

Mary Jo Foley: Microsoft Windows Live VP to resign. Microsoft Dynamics team to take on Microsoft-SAP ‘Duet’?

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes kicks off his Windows to Linux Chronicles. But first you get to pick what desktop Linux distro he should use.

Reuters: Palm for sale.

Ryan Naraine: WordPress server hacked, downloads rigged with serious flaw. Hardware-based rootkit detection proven unreliable.

Photos: Cell-phone boosters (right).

InformationWeek: Microsoft Hit By U.S. DOT Ban On Windows Vista, Explorer 7, and Office 2007.

Larry Dignan: US Airways reservation system glitch strands passengers.

Phil Wainewright: Google credits Premier Apps users, restores honor. Donna Bogatin: Google Apps: Gmail SLA jury still out.
Is search broken? asks Tom Foremski.

Dana Gardner: Red Hat strengthens tools-stack synergies with absorption of Exadel code into JBoss.org.

Marc Orchant: You can customize the Ribbon in Office 2007.
Andrew Keen: Wikidentity--another day, another Wikipedia scandal.

Computerworld: Disk drive failures 15 times what
vendors say, study says.

Reuters: Sony, vibration tech maker end patent.

Google's annual report dissected.

Donna Bogatin: Google: Copyright infringement lawsuit risks ‘could be substantial.’

Google warns of Microsoft, Yahoo competition.

Will Google diversification pay off in 2007?

Garett Rogers: Huge list of companies controlled by Google.

Reuters: Yahoo CEO 2006 compensation dropped.

Roughly Drafted: Can Apple take Microsoft in the battle foor the desktop?

Micro Persuasion: USAToday.com Refashions Itself as a
Social Network
. Techmeme discussion.

Photos: You call that hi-def (right)?
NY Times: Social Networking’s Next Phase. GigaOm: Cisco’s wrong bet on Social Networks. Donna Bogatin: Web 2.0 Social Networks: Cool but marginal and unprofitable?
Dana Gardner: SOA what else is new?
Larry Dignan: Microsoft’s Linux foray props up Novell. Why is there software licensing by the core?
Slashdot:  Windows Vista Keygen a Hoax. Adrian Kingsley-Hughes' updated post.

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