News to know: Patch day; Jobs hostile Windows takeover; Solaris and GPL3

Notable headlines:Torvalds: Solaris could nudge Linux to GPL 3.Ryan Naraine: 'Critical' Vista, IE 7 patches highlight MS security updates.
Written by Larry Dignan, Contributor

Notable headlines:

Torvalds: Solaris could nudge Linux to GPL 3.

Ryan Naraine: 'Critical' Vista, IE 7 patches highlight MS security upd

ates. Microsoft advisory. Gallery (right): How to run Internet Explorer securely.

The great iPhone hunt of 2007. Ed Bott: Is Jobs planning a hostile takeover of the Windows desktop?

Mary Jo Foley: Windows Home Server hits Release Candidate beta. Ed Bott: Day 2 with a new Dell and Vista.

eBay thinks outside with eBox. David Berlind: eBay's new APIs: Harbingers of the Net's commerce operating system to come?

Larry Dignan: IT giants hope to save $5.5 billion in energy costs. Data retention issue goes beyond Google. Google: How long should Google remember searches?

Phil Wainewright: How SaaS changes the SI universe.

AP: Blockbuster takes on Netflix with mail-only plans.

WSJ: Yahoo Shareholders Approve Board With Low Majority.

Techrepublic: 10 reasons to consider upgrading to Office 2007. Explore Oracle 10g’s updated sample schemas.

Dan Farber: The Facebook Platform according to Marc Andreessen. Steve O'Hear: LinkedIn vs Facebook: Room for both?

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes: Safari for Windows--do we really need another browser? Gallery (right). How much is that Safari search box worth? Compiler: Wired News Benchmarks Show Safari 3 Is Slower Than IE 7, Firefox.

Marc Orchant: Zoho launches Creator 2.0.

WSJ: Firms Tidy Up Clients' Bad Online Reputations.

Robin Harris: Apple's plan to replace Vista with OS X--on Wintel. Nokia funds help video start-up Kyte fly. Nokia's low-power Wibree to become Bluetooth standard. Russell Shaw: Will iPhone's browsing features break BlackBerry's carrier-subservient M.O.?

HTC's iPhone rival set for U.S. launch.

Senators oppose plan to curb phone taxes.

George Ou: Three motherboards for Intel and AMD CPUs. Gallery (left).
Russell Shaw: ShoreTel's IPO should elevate their competitive posture in enterprise VoIP.

Hated blogger leaves U.S., threatens lawsuits.

Google: You Asked For it, You Got It. New Features Added to Google Analytics. Ryan Naraine: Symantec ships anti-botnet utility. Remote exploit released for brand-new Safari for Windows.

TheStreet.com: Tax bite imperils Amazon.

Russell Shaw: Man drops BlackBerry in toilet, loses date's number, uses rice to retrieve it.

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