News to know: Photoshop; Jobs at Google, Yahoo; Dell job cuts

Notable headlines:Photoshop plug-in hints at next Lightroom.Larry Dignan: Google vs.
Written by Larry Dignan, Contributor

Notable headlines:

Photoshop plug-in hints at next Lightroom.

Larry Dignan: Google vs. Yahoo: The open jobs report.

Google tests new ‘Mashup Editor.' All Google developer posts. Why Google loves developers. Techmeme on Google Gears. Phil Wainewright: What Google Gears means for SaaS developers.

Dell to cut 10 percent of workforce.

Gallery (right):

Windows Software Licensing Management Tool.

YouTube, EMI sign breakthrough licensing pact. EMI: DRM assassin.

Dan Farber@D5: Google's Schmidt tells Viacom to wait for the tools. YouTubers and Viacom CEO weigh in on copyrights. Google's mobile platform strategy--no phone, just apps.

Spam ring sapped? 'Seattle Spammer' arrested. Valleywag: The virtual world just got a little more real.

Joe McKendrick: Ponder this: how many businesspeople are begging for SOA? ‘Corner office’ vs. ‘ground floor’ SOA.

Bill Gates: Where 'Milan' is headed.

Review (right): Gateway FX530XT (Nvidia GeForce 8800 GTX).

Red Hat: Fedora 7 released. Christopher Dawson: Fedora 7 - Another distro for Ed Tech consideration. Ryan Naraine: Unprotected Google directory spills database data. LA Times: Computer hackers steal Carson funds. CIO: How Online Criminals Make Themselves Tough to Find, Near Impossible to Nab. Dan Kusnetzky: Breaking through the virtualization confusion.

Infoworld: Lean, mean coding machines.

Russell Shaw: Outrage: starting today South Korea blocks our soldiers from using VoIP.

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How to automatically configure Windows Vista.

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes: The 'money no object' desktop PC.

Mary Jo Foley: What will many cores mean to future Windows releases? Is Microsoft becoming a hardware vendor?

David Berlind: With latest OS X drivers, Duel's PCMCIA to ExpressCard adapter impresses us (so far). In failure to 'get' the Internet, CBS Online digs its own grave.

Beet.TV: Bombshell from RealNetworks: Rip/Save/Burn "All" Online Video Fomats with New Player...Clips from YouTube and Yahoo Are Easily Downloaded. Russell Shaw: YouTube videos downloadable and storable on new RealPlayer.

Ryan Stewart:Confusion, fear and doubt around Rich Internet Applications. Parallels: PARALLELS DESKTOP 3.0 IS ALMOST HERE!

Mashable: Top 15 Google Street View Sightings.

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