News to know: Photoshop's HD support; DST costs; Vista hands on #10

Notable headlines: David Berlind: Will Negroponte’s One Laptop Per Child be a problem for Microsoft? Image Gallery (right).

Notable headlines: 

David Berlind: Will Negroponte’s One Laptop Per Child be a problem for Microsoft? Image Gallery (right).

Photoshop gets HD Photo support. Adobe adds new Photoshop flavor with CS3.

Make: 5.5g iPods can now run Linux.

Larry Dignan
: What does Daylight Saving Time cost IT? DST blog focus. Computerworld: With DST nigh, here's the latest on vendor patches, fixes.

Mary Jo Foley:
More shake-ups on the Windows Live side of the Microsoft house? Open letter to Microsoft: Buy Yahoo.

Photos: This helmet plays mind games (right). Emotiv’s man-machine melding interface technology.

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes: Essential Firefox extensions - What are they?

Gates urges federal data privacy law.

Crave: Boss can now get in your face remotely.

Camino 1.0.4 browser released.

Microsoft's research labs offer freebies. Scientific American: New systems may allow people to record everything they see and hear--and even things they cannot sense--and to store all these data in a personal digital archive.

Ryan Stewart:
Using FlexBook to show what Flex can do.

TechCrunch: Federated Media Raising More Money, Looking to Sell.

Paul Murphy: IT: where success fails, and failure succeeds.

Ed Bott's Vista Hands On #10: Manage wireless networks. George Ou: Choosing between Vista x86 32 bit or x64 64 bit. Hewlett-Packard Settles Inkjet Patent Suit. Sony
brings it 'Home' for the PS3. Mashable: Playstation Crushes Second Life with Superior Platform. Techmeme discussion.

Alan Graham: Building for Web 2.0: Part 1.

Clearwire IPO on its way.

Dan Farber's CIO Sessions
: Tim Stanley, Harrah’s Entertainment. Video (right).

Russell Shaw: Why Skype's 500 million download mark is a misleading number.

Donna Bogatin: Google arrogant? Google CEO Eric Schmidt responds. Yahoo HotJobs needs Craigslist to fill hot jobs at Yahoo.

MediaShift: Web Focus Leads Newspapers to Hire Programmers for Editorial Staff.

Steve O'Hear: Who needs iTunes? The rise of the 'indie friendly' video download store. blog: The New Shape of Local Search.


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