News to know: Q&A with Macbook hacker; Virgin IT; iPhone; Microsoft's Volta; Google Apps

Notable headlines:Larry Dignan: Virgin America's CIO gets IT greenfield. Gallery: Windows Home Server - April 2007 CTP Release.

Notable headlines:

Larry Dignan: Virgin America's CIO gets IT greenfield

Gallery: Windows Home Server - April 2007 CTP Release.

Ryan Naraine: 10 questions for MacBook hacker Dino Dai Zovi. QuickTime bug brought down MacBook. Russinovich: Malware will thrive, even with Vista's UAC.

Mary Jo Foley: 'Volta':
Microsoft's dev platform in the Cloud?

Infoworld: AT&T to aim the iPhone at enterprises.

Robin Harris: Power, notebooks and solid state disks.

White House panel pushes new identity fraud laws

David Berlind: Google Apps will compete with Microsoft.

Gallery (right). How did software end up bloated with so many unused features? Here's how. Larry Dignan: Google Apps customers await e-mail migration tool.

Computerworld: Seven steps to a green data center.

GigaOm: Does London Have a Reason to Mesh?

White House panel pushes new identity fraud laws.

Microsoft business security ready for prime time.

Interactive design blooms in NYU hallways.

Review: OQO model 2 (left).

AP: Texas Instruments 1Q Earnings Fall 12 Percent Amid Inventory Glut.
Juniper Posts Lower 1st-Quarter Profit, Adjusted Earnings Meet Street Estimates.

Dan Farber@SAP's Sapphire:

Charlene Li: Forrester’s new Social Technographics report

Russell Shaw: BlackBerry 8800 live on T-Mobile: pic, specs, pricing here. BlackBerry emails about marital infidelity implicated in NJ Governor’s car crash.

Larry Dignan@Gartner Symposium/ITxpo:

Vonage continues legal fight to sign up new customers.

Shadowy shopping at the PC mall. Gallery (lright).

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes:
Intel cuts Core 2 Duo and Core 2 Quad prices. Who is worth more, you or AMD?

David Berlind: A pair of Q's, Jack high (Motorola's old and new Qs vs. Samsung's BlackJack). SEC, Apple Ex-CFO Settle. Techmeme on Apple and the SEC.

Ryan Stewart: The how and when of Adobe and Microsoft’s Rich Internet Application technologies. Is Silverlight a Flash competitor or an Ajax play?

Canada, Mexico travel cards under privacy attack

PhotoBucket Back on MySpace (I Want To Know The Backstory). Steve O'Hear: MySpace and Photobucket are friends again.

George Ou: Stunning Microsoft Labs Photosynth preview.

Paul Murphy: Sun's middle management.

Photos: Building a foundation for green living (above left). Photos: Natural plastics for eco-conscious consumers (above right).