News to know: Red Hat's new CEO; RIM; FTC on privacy; Best PC components

Notable headlines:Red Hat names new Whitehurst CEO; Szulik stays chairman. A message from Matthew.
Written by Larry Dignan, Contributor

Notable headlines:

Red Hat names new Whitehurst CEO; Szulik stays chairman. A message from Matthew. Adrian Kingsley-Hughes: Hardware 2.0 "Best Kit List" for Dec 07/Jan 08. Without competition from AMD, Intel starts to put the brakes on releases

Podcast: A look back at 2007

Larry Dignan: Watch these FTC privacy principles and expect a skirmish. FTC: Google-DoubleClick deal a go; One dissenter; Privacy principles floated. Mary Jo Foley: Coal in Microsoft's stocking: Google-Doubleclick gets the U.S. regulator nod. FTC allows Google-DoubleClick merger to proceed. Techmeme.

European lobby rejects Google-Doubleclick


RIM: BlackBerry demand just swell

Russell Shaw: Report: here are a few specs for forthcoming BlackBerry 9000. Ways to improve device backlighting described in new BlackBerry patent app

Images: Behind the scenes at Shutterfly's secret workshop.

Mary Jo Foley: Microsoft and Samba finally come to terms over Windows protocols. Dana Blankenhorn: Samba is beneficiary of Microsoft-EU deal

Janice Chen: Best gifts to buy for someone who already has a digital camera (part 2)

Phil Fersht: Outsourcing Predictions for 2008… in a nutshell

Ryan Stewart: Google Gears next steps closer to Prism, Adobe AIR

David Berlind: Google Apps 'founder' Rajen Sheth: We dialog with users through new code

Web 2.0 in the enterprise: Are you prepared? HP laptops: Another zero-day vulnerability found

TechCrunch: Help us endorse the first tech president.

Dan Farber: Cisco loses chief development officer and heir apparent Giancarlo

Ed Bott: IE6 crashing? Here's the reason, and the fix

Joe McKendrick: What the statistics are telling us about SOA

Review: Samsung Katalyst (right).

Techmeme: Apple, ThinkSecret settle lawsuit.

Russell Shaw: For some categories, Vista x64 support is still scarce

Roland Piquepaille: The traffic jam mystery finally solved

John Carroll: 3D printers...coming soon to geek homes?

Dana Blankenhorn: Detecting individual cancer cells with silicon. For 2008, I am Google (and so can you)

Dan Kusnetzky: Moka5 - a different take on application virtualization

British drivers could face jail for using phone

Drop in chip-gear spending predicted

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