News to know: RIM explains outage; MacBooks vs. hackers; Google

Notable headlines:RIM offers explanation for massive outage.Ryan Naraine: MacBooks survive day one in hacker jungle.

Notable headlines:

RIM offers explanation for massive outage.

Ryan Naraine: MacBooks survive day one in hacker jungle. Apple zaps 25 more Mac OS X bugs. Story.

Russell Shaw: 1995 Newsgroup posting proposing VoIP predates Verizon, Sprint patents. Could this 3Com patent be a solution to Vonage's infringement woes? VOIP Watch: Vonage: Do You Know What 3Com Has?

Reviews: Iomega StorCenter Pro NAS 150d (2TB at left).
ExtremeMac Luna (right).

Google: We spent $597 million on IT in a quarter. Google first-quarter profit rises almost 70 percent. Donna Bogatin: Google paints $3.7 billion pretty picture. Judge refuses to dismiss Google trademark suit.

Ubuntu 'Feisty Fawn' released, hit by traffic

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes installs Windows Home Server
Build 3790
. Here's his take.

Dell brings back XP on home systems. Ed Bott: Windows
will be around a lot longer than you think

Ryan Naraine: JavaScript added to malware arsenal.

AMD posts bigger-than-expected quarterly loss.

Bug hunter targets routers, other gadgets.

George Ou: Fear and anger erupt over $3 Microsoft Suite.

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes:
Is $3 Windows/Office bundle too good to resist? It is when you throw in a cheap PC. Larry Dignan: Microsoft's Linux defense: $3 Windows-Office bundle. Donna Bogatin: Microsoft beats Google in worldwide mission, big time. Techmeme.

Mozilla Thunderbird 2 takes flight. Gallery (left).

David Berlind: Yahoo sued over jailing, torture of Chinese dissident.

Intel pulls out of 3G. Ericsson pulls out of WiMax. Does a wireless battle royale loom?



Google draws privacy complaint to FTC. Search Engine Land: Google Search History Expands, Becomes Web History.

Cell phone becomes new town crier.

Wired: How Security Companies Sucker Us With Lemons.

Cyberattacks at federal agencies draw House scrutiny.

AOL founder launches health care Web site.

Joe McKendrick
: The incredible shrinking SOA vendor pool: good or bad? Another view: 'Magic number' for SOA services threshold is 'nuts.'

Jason O'Grady: Apple behind new patent reform bill.

Webware hands-on with MySpace news. Techmeme: MySpace officially launches news.

Photos (right): Newest tech in oldest bookstore.

Marc Orchant: Treo 700p fixes coming (at last).

Computerworld: No data stolen in 2006 computer intrusions, says Commerce Dept.



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