News to know: Salesforce and Google; LiveMesh; Cloud computing; Linux

Notable headlines:Phil Wainewright: Salesforce and Google team to conquer the enterpriseGarett Rogers: Google announces SalesForce integration with...
Written by Larry Dignan, Contributor

Notable headlines:

Phil Wainewright: Salesforce and Google team to conquer the enterprise

Garett Rogers: Google announces SalesForce integration with Google Apps


Mary Jo Foley: The big reveal: Live Mesh

Statement: Blockbuster proposes to buy Circuit City 

Cloud computing in depth:

Garett Rogers: Google set to make Google TV Ads public

TechRepublic: When e-mail serves to lower productivity

Roland Piquepaille:Improved hurricane forecasts with VORTRAC. Explaining science with drawings. Ready for a CyberWalk?

Mary Jo Foley: Former Softie getting the old band back together?

BusinessWeek: The new e-espionage threat

Larry Dignan: Attacks escalate on critical U.S. government networks: Will a Manhattan Project work?

Photos: Top 10 reviews of the week (right)

Christopher Dawson: My kid hates Linux

Amazon: Storage Space, The Final Frontier Larry Dignan: AMD's CTO steps down; Chipmaker says bench strong

FCC to look into firms' use of customer data

Tom Foremski: A lawyer inside your PC - British software can flag corporate nefariousness

TechCrunch: GrandCentral Offline: If You Wanna Be A Phone Company, You Can't Go Dead

Michael Krigsman: Absolutely amazing: Integrator completes ERP project on-time

Heather Clancy: Sun revs its data center efficiency message

TechCrunch: Rocketboom Founder Puts His Twitter Account On Sale

Photos (right): San Francisco's greenest home?

Georgia patients' records exposed on Web for weeks

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes: Arrrghhhh! Windows is collapsing! Run! ... but where to?

Jason O'Grady: Apple Rumor Mill: What you should be saving up for

iPhone beta presages A2DP, GPS

Ryan Stewart: Two new desktop applications for FriendFeed

Richard Koman: FCC fines stores over TV labeling

TorrentFreak: Virgin Media CEO Says Net Neutrality is “A Load of Bollocks”

Dave Greenfield: The one thing Asterisk has been missing

Oracle preps critical database patches

Rik Fairlie: How to network Outlook using Google Apps

Images: Eyephone explains where you are

Jason Perlow: Progress on standardizing the @#$%! chargers

Hulu: Sharing is good

Computerworld: Three different hackers found 'Pwn To Own' bug

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