News to know: Salesforce.com UI; Verizon Wireless sues FCC; RFID implants

Notable headlines:Larry Dignan: Salesforce.com: It's all about the UI.
Written by Larry Dignan, Contributor

Notable headlines:

Larry Dignan: Salesforce.com: It's all about the UI.

Gallery (right). Verizon Wireless files suit over FCC auction rules. The lawsuit. Google public policy blog: Consumer choice is always the right answer. Techmeme.

Larry Dignan: Long-term storm clouds brewing over AT&T, Verizon Wireless. Apple, AT&T: Bosom buddies or odd couple?

Mercury News: Company vows to deliver big cuts in data center costs.

George Ou: Why the ban on mandatory RFID implants should be Federal. Google proposes global privacy standard. Larry Dignan: Don't sweat copyrights, it's good for the economy. Techmeme.

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes: Microsoft giving stealth Windows updates. Microsoft responds. Screenshots. The Microsoft Update Product Team blog.

David Berlind: Del.icio.us founder Joshua Schachter video demos preview of upcoming version.

VMware dangles next-gen virtualization goodies. Parallels making virtualization jump to servers. VMWorld gallery (right).

Google to put $30 million behind lunar robot. Gallery. Garett Rogers: Google paying scientists to shoot for the moon.

Mary Jo Foley: Microsoft to force Messenger users to upgrade.

Paula Rooney: MySQL to get dynamic load balancing in 2008.

Survey: A third of IT projects exceed budget. Dennis Howlett: Salesforce.com + Facebook = Faceforce. SAP's vox populi.

Computerworld: 8 'hidden gems' in data protection software.

Russell Shaw, Packet8 CEO: in light of SunRocket's

demise, we're hearing rumors of more VoIP market exits.

Dana Blankenhorn: Open source in its boom phase.

Images: Observatories at the top of the world. Ryan Stewart: Brightcove launches Brightcove.tv. Dana Blankenhorn: Is HIPAA killing medical automation?

Larry Dignan: Study: 4.68 million UMPC units by 2012.

Webware: Prince to sue YouTube, eBay, The Pirate Bay.

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