News to know: SAP; Microsoft patches; Nvidia; iPhone

Notable headlines:Dennis Howlett: SAP: Oracle price-gouges customers even more than we doMichael Krigsman: Business Objects Influencer Summit: Strategy to executionLarry Dignan: Microsoft plugs IE, Office in big patch haulRoland Piquepaille: No more need for an antivirus software?Yahoo: Yahoo!
Written by Larry Dignan, Contributor

Notable headlines:

Dennis Howlett: SAP: Oracle price-gouges customers even more than we do

Larry Dignan: Microsoft plugs IE, Office in big patch haul

Yahoo: Yahoo! Launches Fire Eagle. Techmeme

Paula Rooney: Firefox 3.1 beta freeze delayed until September 9

Review: Acer Aspire One Linux and XP (right)

Heather Clancy: Green is really just another way of saying 'energy-efficient'

Paul Murphy: The Unix sysadmin salary premiumTechRepublic: 10 things you should know about working with an offshore team

Kingsley-Hughes: Are NVIDIA G92s and G94s failing prematurely too?

Paul Miller: The Future of the WebRichard Koman: State AGs ignore phishing, spyware

Dana Gardner: Discussion features insights into using RESTful services plus cool iPhone app

Reuters: Applied Materials Profit Falls Amid Sales Slump

Futuristic Play: Early adopters vs the Mainstream: Google Insights points out websites only used by Silicon Valley nerds

Mary Jo Foley: Microsoft to highlight app virtualization at September launch

Dignan: Dell rolls out new Latitude laptop lineup; Targets longer battery life

Mitch Ratcliffe: eBooks, volume 2: What's the bridge document that would drive ebook reader adoption?

Jason Perlow: Did the DVR and HD impact NBCOlympics.com traffic numbers?

Joshua Greenbaum: Expensive Oil, Stupid Trade Groups, and Pending Enterprise Software Growth

Washington Post: Some Web Firms Say They Track Behavior Without Explicit Consent

Dan Kusnetzky:What's holding Desktop Virtualization back?

VMware Communities: BIG bug in ESX 3.5 Update 2 - If you're using 3.5u2 read this now! - A general system error occurred: Internal Error

Matthew Miller: Several hands-on photos of the HTC Touch Pro appear

Steve O'Hear: Twitter moves to combat 'follow spam'

Photos: Baby steps for NASA's small-plane challenge

Kingsley-Hughes: Is AMD getting ready to split?

Intel: New processors, cheaper processors

John Morris: Review roundup: AMD's Radeon 4870 X2 delivers

Paul Miller: Putting Semantic Technology to work at BT

John Carroll: Linux, user interfaces and copying Apple

AOL's dial-up business: Is there a (minor) bidding war brewing?

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