News to know: SAP's big buy; Adobe flaw; VMware; Curing spam

Notable headlines:Dan Farber: SAP’s growth spurt: $6.8 billion for Business Objects.
Written by Larry Dignan, Contributor

Notable headlines:

Dan Farber: SAP’s growth spurt: $6.8 billion for Business Objects. SAP statement. Dennis Howlett: SAP's acquiring Business Objects: 1st take.

Ryan Naraine: Adobe confirms PDF backdoor, offers unsupported workaround.

Larry Dignan: VMware updates infrastructure suite; touts storage, patch automation. Dan Kusnetzky: HP Image Zone Failure, Re-installation Adventure and HP Service.

Photos: Top 10 reviews of the week (right).

David Berlind: Technology Shakedown #9: Why AOL, Google, Microsoft, and Yahoo are to blame for spam. Robin Harris: Apple's new kick-butt file system pushes on.

Dana Blankenhorn: Apology by Novell, accepted or rejected? Will U.S. retain medical technology edge?

Heather Clancy: Trade group, vendor start green IT info site. MSNBC: Msnbc.com acquires Newsvine. GigaOm: From The Information Age To The Connected Age. Ryan Stewart: Rich Internet applications as a tool for the web worker. Joe McKendrick: The road to Web 2.0 goes through SOA, but how?

Paula Rooney: Fedora 8 due Nov 8, just weeks after opensuse 10.3, ubuntu 7.10. Christopher Dawson: Latest OpenSUSE a mixed bag for educators. VentureBeat: Intel launches a company-ranking site: CoolSW. Roland Piquepaille: Magnetic 'snakes' for storage devices? Chipping software for faster debugging. Garett Rogers: Google Desktop 5.5 beta makes gadgets universal. New York Times: The Facebook Generation.

Mary Jo Foley: Is Shared Source .Net a big deal? Joel and Miguel weigh in. Five reasons why the Bungie-Microsoft split is a smart move for Microsoft. The real reason(s) behind Microsoft's move to exorcise WGA from IE7.

Photos: Beauty tools for gadgets lovers (right).

Larry Dignan: A real bidding war: Google's price target.

FCC won't probe disclosure of phone records.

Pro gamers spurn geek stereotype and go mainstream.

Analyst: Yahoo worth more if broken up.

Social networking helps drive server sales.

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