News to know: Server wars; Windows 7; GMail; China hacker arrests; SAP

Server wars and a Google announcement top today's headlines
Written by Sam Diaz, Inactive

News to know: Here are today's notable headlines. You can get News To Know via email alert and RSS daily. For continuous updates are BNET's around-the-Web tech coverage:

Larry Dignan: Server wars: Intel, HP prep new Itanium; IBM launches new Power7 systems

Mary Jo Foley: Microsoft's Windows 7 chief: It's not us; it's your batteries

Sam Diaz: Is GMail going social? Or is this another step toward collaborative communications?

ZDNet UK: China breaks up Black Hawk hacking ring

Dennis Howlett: Can SAP rebuild trust and innovation?

Brian Sommer: iPad musings - How big is the market for this anyway?

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes: YouGov: Microsoft outpaces Apple in customer satisfaction

Sam Diaz: Google lowers Nexus One return fee - but is it enough?

Sean Portnoy: Netflix will add 1080p, 5.1-channel surround sound streaming to its online video service later in 2010

Matthew Miller: AT&T Navigator 1.5i update adds speed limit alerts, shake-to-go, to iPhone

Andrew Nusca: BenQ unveils V2220, 'world's slimmest' 21.5-inch monitor

Ed Bott: Touchscreens in the tropics: an unexpected Windows story

Joe McKendrick: Is cloud computing hype, or something riskier?

Mary Jo Foley: Is Windows 7 reliability fix making PCs less reliable?

Andrew Nusca: HTC Incredible Android smartphone caught in the wild

Jason D. O'Grady: App Store craziness: banning the word 'Android'

Tom Foremski: When suppliers go direct - turning Amazon into an affiliate

Christopher Dawson: The price of free: Google's calendar mess

John Carroll: Microsoft's innovation disconnect

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes: Apple's Mac: If not Intel CPUs/Boot Camp, what's behind the success?

Mary Jo Foley: A leaner, meaner Visual Studio 2010 Release Candidate expected later this week

Tom Foremski: The British invented much of the Internet

Jennifer Leggio: The art of social redundancy

Paula Rooney: Leostream's Connection Broker 6.3 enhanced for Xen, Sun VDI

Matthew Miller: Get one year of TeleNav GPS Navigator for Android for the price of 7 months

ZDNet UK: Oracle releases emergency patch

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes: Build your own high-performance video/photo editing PC ... for under $1,500

Andrew Nusca: Report: Google developing on-the-fly translation software

Dana Blankenhorn: Torvalds' Nexus One endorsement may be regretted

Dana Gardner: BriefingsDirect analyst panelists peer into crystal balls for latest IT growth and impact trends

Ed Burnette: Kindle developers: Don't ask, don't tell

Dana Blankenhorn: Ellison puts Screven over mySQL

Heather Clancy: An ironic place to test electric vehicles: Inside an old oil tank in Israel

Rachel King: How to shoot photos around bright lights indoors and during nighttime

Dana Blankenhorn: Hunter pushes CodePlex as a business-oriented foundation

Heather Clancy: Power management by design: Climate Savers org offers step-by-step guide

Andrew Nusca: Barnes & Noble says Nook e-readers officially back in stock

Paul Greenberg: Heartache by the Numbers: Twitter & Influence Poll

Rachel King: Five gadgets for the ultimate Winter Olympics viewing experience

Dana Blankenhorn: SharEHR is a cloud-based EHR that uses your current records

Larry Dignan: Xerox closes ACS purchase: A look at the grand plan

Smart Planet: Meet the 'Indiana Jones' of NASA

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