News to know: SES; Ubuntu; IBM chip; Google galore

Notable headlines:Ubuntu's new Linux sports debugging tool.IBM connects chips for better bandwidth.
Written by Larry Dignan, Contributor

Notable headlines:

Ubuntu's new Linux sports debugging tool.
IBM connects chips for better bandwidth. IBM founds coalition for 'smart' power grids.

Larry Dignan: Google’s acquisition strategy should think small (and mobile).
George Ou: Wanted: A one-size-fits-all power connector. Free Dynamic DNS account for anywhere access to your home.

SES coverage:

Windows Genuine Advantage: Reported OEM BIOS Hacks.
Joe McKendrick: Survey: even the best of the best are still new at SOA.
Google backs character-recognition research. Survey: Google draws 64 percent of search queries.

Photos: Nigerian students power up their OLPC laptops (right).
Baseline: The 100 Smartest Companies of 2007. The rankings.
Marketwatch: Research in Motion earnings surge on device sales.
Shares fall as Wall Street expected more-bullish forecast.
Corporate castoffs bring new life to VC.
Ryan Naraine: Microsoft: Beware of .HLP files. Opera patches browser flaws.
TechCrunch: Exclusive Screenshots: Spock’s New People Engine.
Robin Harris: A flash drive in your future?
David Berlind: Another case for the FTC: LagunaWave swindled, and is apparently still swindling.
Mary Jo Foley: Exchange Server 2007 Service Pack 1 beta ready for download.

Review: HP w2207 LCD monitor (right).

Ed Burnette: Google
announces Developer Day in ten cities around the world. Garett Rogers: Attention all developers, Google wants to teach you something. Donna Bogatin: What is Google’s Open Source end game?
Google statement
Digital Trends: Toshiba, Matsushita Bringing OLED to TVs.

Russell Shaw: Here's why SprintNextel's CEO should be fired- NOW.
Photos: Meet the Anybots (right)
Foster's virtualization keeps the wine corks popping.
Larry Dignan: Comcast acquires Fandango; plans entertainment site.

Do data breaches really hurt retailers?
Computerworld: How much will that data breach cost you?

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes
: Copyright, piracy and stealing. WinDVD 8 and AACS key revocation.
Marc Orchant: Turns out the best PC I own to run Vista on is...

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